Please Make Your Voices Heard, But Try To Be Safe About It

If you’re going to break our current rules about large public gatherings, a march to protest ongoing systemic racism and the tragedies it brings is certainly a worthy reason to do it. But please, try to remember that those gathering rules don’t exist just because. They’re meant to protect us, because we’re still in the […]

What Does Getting Back To Normal Even Mean?

Empty Campus: Big changes at Waterloo’s two universities An interesting read looking at the impact that the Coronavirus is going to have on Waterloo Region. The focus is mostly on the university scene itself here (Waterloo proper has two of them plus there’s also Conestoga College in Kitchener), but it also touches on the wider […]

How Many Naked, Drunken Burglars Does It Take To Unscrew Some Light Bulbs?

I’ve been sitting here for about the last five minutes trying to figure out what this fella’s plan might have been. Maybe the fireplace poker is a weapon. Sensible enough. Maybe you unscrew the light bulbs so that if your intrusion is detected they can’t get a look at you, buying you some time to […]

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself. And Maybe Attack A Pregnant Lady While You’re AT It

I’ve been posting stories like this one forever, but I’m still amazed by them sometimes. I just simply cannot imagine being this angry about something so trivial. What has to be going on in your life that a fucked up McChicken is your last damn straw? I understand maybe getting a bit upset, saying a […]

Doug Ford Is Still Doug Ford And Toronto Is Going To Get Us All Killed

Doug ford has, as I’ve said before, done a largely solid job of handling the Coronavirus outbreak. But he’s starting to show signs that, at the end of the day, he’s still Doug Ford. Not calling a full inquiry into what’s happening in long-term care facilities and instead opting for a less thorough, government lead […]

Even When You’re Isolated You’re Still Out In The World, Councillor Hot Mic

Update: If you don’t feel like watching or skimming five hours of meeting for 30 seconds of action, you can watch just the fun part here. So remember the olden days of a few months ago when we all had to do things like deal with people in person and we, at least the functional […]

Local Irony Tag Wonders Where It’s Supposed To Send Its Garbage Now

Old story alert, but I believe that it is still worth noting that the city of Edmonton was forced to shut down its fancy composting facility because the roof rotted. What caused that, you may ask. Well, that would be the effects of composting, natch. The city announced Wednesday that, effective immediately, the Edmonton Composting […]