The government of Ontario, [the Canadian province I live in] is considering passing legislation that would allow restaurant patrons to bring their own bottles of wine with them rather than forcing them to pay for their wine at the restaurant itself. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty calls the proposed move a “very civilized” idea and says […]

Irony At It’s Finest

If you ever find yourself needing to define irony for somebody, forget the dictionary and just point themhere. It seems that Eminem has filed a nice hefty lawsuit against Apple Computer, specifically Apple’s iTunes music download service for of all things, get this, copyright infringement. Acording to Em and his music publishing company Eight Mile […]

Cool Story Of The Day

I heard this on the radio again this morning and I think it’s definitely noteworthy. Scientists in Russia have successfully grown a new dick for a Russian, teenage boy. They graphed the skin and allowed it to grow off of his bicep.(try explaining that in the summer). The graph was a complete success as, miraculously, […]