For Some Reason Moving To Denmark Suddenly Seems Like A Good Idea

This comes The Danish government is under attack for paying for its disabled citizens to have sex with prostitutes. The official ‘Sex, irrespective of disability’ campaign pays sex workers to provide sex once a month for disabled people. The legal guidelines advise: “It could be of great importance that the carer speaks to the […]

I Have No Idea What To Call This Post

Happy Monday to everybody. I hope you’re all having a good day, and I hope you’re keeping cool if it’s hot where you are. It’s hot here, that I know for sure. Canadian weather is just fucking weird, there’s no other way to describe it. A few days ago we were treated to some beautiful […]

Yahoo Instant Computer Polluter

According tothis story,Yahoo has decided that they know better than you do what software you want to install and run on your computer and what you want your default home and search pages to be. The latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger, which comes as a “highly recommended” upgrade, comes bundled with something like 5 […]

Slime Kettle? Meet Slime Pot. Who’s blacker?

Man, some things just crack me up. Take our friendly neighbourhood hardware store owner Richer Lapointe from near Montreal who thought he’d get himself some glory by apparently uncovering that Carla Homolka has breached some of her release conditions. Ok, first off, he tried to seem noble by writing not 1, not 2, but 22 […]

Maybe We should Do That Here

Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan – He has outlawed opera and ballet and railed against long hair and gold teeth, but now the authoritarian president of Turkmenistan is determined to wipe out another perceived scourge: lip synching. President Saparmurat Niyazov has ordered a ban on lip synching performances across the tightly controlled Central […]

Live From Arkansas, It’s…An Idiot Going To Jail!

Attempting to rob somebody isn’t a great idea at the best of times, but when the person you’re attempting to rob happens to be a television host who is live on the air, it’s even worse. Believe it or not, that’sexactly what happenedin the town of Fort Smith, Arkansas last week. At first, Gary Spirito […]