Cool Story Of The Day

I heard this on the radio again this morning and I think it’s definitely noteworthy. Scientists in Russia have successfully grown a new dick for a Russian, teenage boy. They graphed the skin and allowed it to grow off of his bicep.(try explaining that in the summer). The graph was a complete success as, miraculously, […]

Content? What Content?

Well we haven’t exactly been setting the place on fire these days around here now have we? Well, I’m not here to change that, I’m just here to offer a few Saturday night thoughts. Not exactly thoughts about Saturday night, just thoughts that I’m writing down on Saturday night. Wow, this isn’t starting off very […]

The Envelope Please

I just read this over onCBC News.It’s too funny not to post. Rumsfeld world’s best language-manglerLast Updated Tue, 02 Dec 2003 13:11:37 LONDON – U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has emerged the “clear” winner for a British award given to the worst mangler of the English language. The Plain English Campaign has handed Rumsfeld this […]