When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go To The Hospital

And now, let us take a few moments to read of the to my eye completely over the top workplace pranking and subsequent totally justified legal proceedings between firefighter Thomas Wengerter and his and fate’s aptly named victim, fellow fireman Raymond Johns. • On November 27, 2015, Johns was on duty at the firehouse. • […]

Did You Hear The One About The Naked Doctor? Did You See It? Would You Like To Do Both?

In certain contexts, telling the story of how one time your buddy was trying to show somebody a picture on your phone and wound up giving everyone a good long look at you naked instead is pretty funny. Hell, once I got over the embarrassment I’d probably tell that story if I had one like […]

Your Sugar? Yes, Please. Don’t You Pour It Down On Me

I don’t understand why people do this sort of thing in the first place, but I especially don’t get it when the victim is a celebrity. Celebrities have security. Security that’s going to be more than happy to whip your ass at a moment’s notice. Adam Levine Attacked by Sugar Bomb while greeting fans after […]

One Snake Throwing Idiot Sentenced, One To Go

One of the men charged after a snake was thrown in a Saskatoon Tim Hortons last year has received a six-month conditional discharge for mischief and causing a disturbance. Christopher Cook, 21, will have to meet a number of conditions, including staying away from the Tim Hortons on the 600 block of 22nd Street W. […]