I’ll Give You Your Cocks Back If You’ll Give Me Your…

So. Um. This is a thing that happened in Kentucky. According to the arrest warrant deputies served on Rodney Brown, 25, the crime started with the theft of 25 roosters, a goat, some rooster pens, and some other equipment used to keep those roosters. Police say Brown took them from the victim’s home December 21. […]

The Great Big Nasty Spider Freaked The Jackass Out. Out Came The Spray As He Began To Scream And Shout. Then Came The Cops Because Someone Was In Pain. And They Left Him With A Warning To Not Do That Again

Middle of the night. Hysterical screaming. Death threats. Lots of thumping and banging. Sounds of furniture being flung about. Yeah, I’d probably call the police too, just like this Australian fellow’s neighbours did. And were I those police, I’d probably send a few extra cars just to be safe, much like happened on this night. […]

Imagine Riding A Bus With A Moose…

I finally know what this video is about. Description: This is a Norwegian video that shows all sorts of animals with a harness, such as a burrow, a duck, a yak or an ox, a moose/elk, ostrich, etc. They all have a person with them as though the person shown next to them is using […]

2014: Goodbye And Good Riddance

It’s mid January, and I feel like I have to write the usual holiday wrap-up/year in review post. I feel like this will be the shortest one ever because both the holidays, and the year, feel like they have been snatched and tainted. Getting to my family’s Christmas was coloured with a bit of Carin-style […]

United Breaks Cats And Dogs

Actually, make that United *bakes* cats and dogs. But, according to Sinclair, her pets were not safe. In fact, she says, the comfort stop nearly killed them. As she sat in her window seat looking out onto the tarmac of George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Sinclair says she saw a cargo employee kick Sedona‚Äôs […]