Service Dog Teams and Ambulances

I got this on a mailing list. It’s a video for paramedics about helping service dog teams when an ambulance is called, and I thought it was kinda neat. I learned a few things too, like I didn’t even know about those open grating things and how they can cut paws. Tansy was one lucky […]

If The Dog Could Talk, What A Tale He’d Tell, About The Cars, And The Stairs, And The Holes As Well

I saw this article about an electronic harness that a service dog can wear that they can use to communicate with us, and thought so many things. My first thought, after reading only the title, was “if they could pull this off, that would be freakin cool! How would this work?” Then I thought about […]

United Breaks Service Dogs

Considering I just finished flying, this story gives me chills. Apparently United doesn’t just break guitars, and spirits, they break service animals too. Jim Stanek, a war veteran with a service dog, says that two United Airlines workers kicked his dog. Kicked? Why in the name of all that’s holy would you do that? Now […]

I’m Baaack…I Think

So yeah…I haven’t posted for nearly two weeks. Definite fail…although failing at blogging seems to be a regular occurrence for me now. I think, *knocks on wood* that I’m out of the medical woods. I feel better, and bunches of my problems appear to be vanishing. It’s funny. I’ve had this since I was a […]