Gob Blabbit, I Thed Gleeb Id Dowd Ub Dere! Ad Gall Be Ad Abulamfe!

As someone who has been renting apartments for a shade over two decades now (sweet Jesus I’m old), I feel confident when I say that there are many, and I do mean many, ways of dealing with a noisy neighbour that are superior to shooting yourself in the face. A Phoenix man is in extremely […]

Got Your Nose! But You Can’t Touch It!

And now, the story of Dr. Daniel Reardon, a presumably smart person (he’s an astrophysicist) who nevertheless managed to get a bunch of magnets stuck up his nose while trying to help humanity remember not to touch its face. “I have some electronic equipment but really no experience or expertise in building circuits or things,” […]

When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go To The Hospital

And now, let us take a few moments to read of the to my eye completely over the top workplace pranking and subsequent totally justified legal proceedings between firefighter Thomas Wengerter and his and fate’s aptly named victim, fellow fireman Raymond Johns. • On November 27, 2015, Johns was on duty at the firehouse. • […]

I Triple Dog Dare You To Read This And Not Wince At Least Once

Assuming that things are going the way that things are supposed to be going, at the time this hits the site we’re in the midst of about a nine hour road trip. So while we’re stuck on a train, we’ll leave you with these stories of people getting stuck to frozen things, A Christmas Story […]

Thank Goodness For Modern Medicine!

Not sure if Gill’s been reading history books lately or what, but she’s back again to talk about old things, this time medical ones. I, meanwhile, am reminded of this old video from the Onion. From blood letting to surgery sans anesthesia I’m going to inform and probably disturb you with some facts. Sit back, […]

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, He Knows When You’re Awake, But He Didn’t See That Light Pole, So His Leg Now Has A Break

If Santa has a harder time than usual getting down your chimney this Christmas, this might be why. Gerard Krokus, an experienced skydiver, was helping Santa deliver the Elf named Kristoff to a nine-year-old girl while flying in toys to the Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament on Saturday.  In the video you can […]