People For The Swift Return Of Bryan Danielson

I don’t often get a chance to write about PETA and wrestling at the same time, so there’s no way I’m passing this up. I wrote quite a bit in mypostthis morning about the completely ridiculous firing of Bryan Danielson. Well, it appears that among his many supporters we can now count PETA, who have […]

Shoo, PETA, Don’t Bother Me

Ug here we go with more PETA bullshit. I think even flies can smell it and would consider it fine food. President Obama swatted a fly in an interview. PETA decided to seize upon this opportunity and bitch about it, sending him a humane bug catch and release fly trap. This reminds me of something […]

Theme From The Bottom…Of The Barrel

Hot on the heels oftheir attempt to get the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys,the good folks from PETA are making another forray into the music industry. Today’s target is Phish, who obviously need tochange their name to Sea Kittens, at least for a while. My only question is […]

I Feel Like I Am One With Chicken Tonight, Chicken Tonight

PETA: “Listen, Mr. Governor of Louisiana guy, there’s no need to spend $20 million to help start up a new chicken processing plant in the state. That money could be better spent on a“Chicken Empathy Museum”. Mr. Governor Of Louisiana Guy: “Um…how bout no?” Steve: “Looks like I’ve found me something to post this afternoon.” […]

What Have They, What Have They, What Have They Done To Deserve This?

Not a whole lot needing to be said about this one, it’s dumb enough without me making jokes about it. Whenever PETA is involved, any smartass thing I could come up with couldn’t match the senslessness of the story itself. This time, the target of their dumbassarry is the Pet Shop Boys, a group that […]

It’s Ok To Eat Sea Kittens? ‘Cause They Don’t Have Any Feelings

Here’sthe latest from PETA. They’re trying to convince people that fish are no longer fish, but rather…sea kittens. I’m not even going to bother making fun of them, because honestly it would just be piling on at this point. Instead I’m simply going to present this as is and let them do it themselves. “Nobody […]