Jerry Howarth Is Coming To Kitchener To Sign Books And Talk About Baseball

I’m plugging this event for two reasons: It sounds like a fun night and I think I may want to go. Because whoever is in charge of making these decisions needs to know of my desire for an audio version of this book. One read by Jerry, provided his voice can handle it. Join us […]

A Guide To WordPress With A Screen-Reader: An Interesting Idea

Here’s something neat that I can get behind. Amanda Rush has started what could be a super useful project. It will be a behemoth, but what a useful behemoth! She is trying to build a comprehensive guide to WordPress with a screen-reader. What’s more, she is going to try to keep it current. You go, […]

(Updated With Watch Links) Brad Is On Menu Match-Up!

Update: I don’t know whether somebody on AMI’s website team was a hide and seek champion in a previous life or what, but for reasons known only to them, all of the below episode links are broken. This is at least the second time this has happened. The first time I (Steve) was unimpressed, but […]

I Don’t Read Books, I Devour Them!

Quick note: I’ve updated the section about Audible Canada. Between last Christmas and my birthday, Steve created a monster; a book-devouring monster. Here’s how. First, he bought me Aftershokz Bluez2S headphones. Those things, although not perfect, are pretty cool. I can walk around, still hear, and listen to stuff from my phone. This made me […]