Another Way To Help Out Fort McMurray: Buy Or Listen To A Song

Fort McMurray Band Releases Song Dedicated to First Responders During the Wildfire With the Fort McMurray wildfire still affecting the evacuated communities, local band Freedom’s Note has just released a song about it. Called “The Fight”, band members Donny Synard and Danny Frewer wrote the song dedicated “to firefighters and first responders that acted with […]

Help Fund Dictation Bridge And Bring Affordable Voice Recognition Technology To Screenreaders

Back in February, Carin mentioned the great potential of Dictation Bridge, a software package that, if developed, would provide voice recognition functionality to a range of screenreaders at no cost. At the time she wrote that post it was still a shell of an idea at least in the promotional sense, and it turned out […]

The Arrogant Worms Would Like Your Help Funding Their Hopefully Very Long Goodbye

The Arrogant Worms are crowdfunding another album. Sadly, it’s their farewell album. Well, their first farewell album, anyhow. We want to put out a new album for our 25th year but we NEED YOUR HELP! The Arrogant Worms have been cranking our melodic Canadian comedy for a quarter of a century now. And a big […]

Help Wendy Fuller Recover From An Eviction That Should Never Have Been Allowed To Happen

This woman is a friend of some friends of ours. It’s sad to see systems that are supposed to be helping give people a hand up fail the very people who are trying to take that hand. If you can help out by sharing, donating or both, I know it would be appreciated. They’re looking […]