When Accessibility Meets Music, You Get…An Album?

Here’s a little quick something to hopefully get me moving. A week or so ago, Steve found out about this album put out by 13 people who are accessibility keeners, and also like to make music. It’s called Accessibility Rocks, the Web Accessibility album. Each artist has donated a song that they created. The proceeds […]

Shaw Offers Free Long Distance To Nepal Until May 25th, Free Indian News Station Until May 6th

On the heels of Videotron’s announcement this morning, Shaw has announced its own free stuff for customers in the name of Nepal offering. To help customers stay connected to their family and friends, all Shaw Phone customers will be given complimentary long distance calling to Nepal until Monday, May 25. Shaw customers will also be […]

Videotron Announces Free Long Distance Calling To Nepal From April 25th To May 31st

This is a pretty nice thing to do. Hopefully other companies will blatantly rip it off.  In the wake of the powerful earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25, Videotron announced today that its customers will be able to call Nepal free of charge from residential landlines and mobile phones. In a gesture of support […]

Bell Does What Bell Does, Treats Me Terribly Even While Trying To Keep My Business. I’ve Cancelled

Bell is a lot of things, many of them not overly positive. One of those things, and you can take this however you’d like, is consistent. Today, I finally did it. I cancelled our Bell service. It’s been a long time coming, much longer than the date on this post would suggest. It feels pretty […]