When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go To The Hospital

And now, let us take a few moments to read of the to my eye completely over the top workplace pranking and subsequent totally justified legal proceedings between firefighter Thomas Wengerter and his and fate’s aptly named victim, fellow fireman Raymond Johns. • On November 27, 2015, Johns was on duty at the firehouse. • […]

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, He Knows When You’re Awake, But He Didn’t See That Light Pole, So His Leg Now Has A Break

If Santa has a harder time than usual getting down your chimney this Christmas, this might be why. Gerard Krokus, an experienced skydiver, was helping Santa deliver the Elf named Kristoff to a nine-year-old girl while flying in toys to the Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament on Saturday.  In the video you can […]

When He Said “Stop! Police!”, Was He Talking To The Suspect Or His Backup?

I’m not positive, but I feel like this might be appropriate. No matter what you might think of the police, one thing I’m pretty sure we can all agree on is that they have a very dangerous job. Every day, they face the prospect of verbal abuse, physical violence, being shot, tased, bitten by a […]

Down At The Bay, Where The Bargain Hunters Go, He Bought Some Gitch, With Size Unknown

And now, a rare moment of Canadian Parliamentary hilarity not caused by either Justin Trudeau or the conservative of the week saying something stupid and/or offensive. This is Pat Martin explaining why he kind of sort of may have left his seat for a second during a vote. Seems he had to oversee a cabinet […]