The Penis Game Is So Much Fun…That Sounds Wrong

My turn to play the penis game. Mine is based off the album called “Medical Melodies and Surgical Songs”. It’s where the song about googling your symptoms came from. Here we go! Never Google Your Penis (No. Google Randy Orton’s instead. Might as well dredge up another old reference while we’re at it…) Text Message […]

Pick Of The Litter: A Fun Little Movie About Guide Dogs

I’ve been meaning to write about this movie, but I wanted to see it first. Now I have, so here I go. It’s a documentary about GDB, the school that trained Trix and Tansy, and it’s called Pick of the Litter. It’s the story of five guide dog puppies, and the process they move through […]

Stay In And Play This Maclean’s Trivia Game Because It Beats Being Outside Where It’s Windy And Grey

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and when I do I like to post them so that everyone can play along and show how much smarter than me they are. So have at this Maclean’s quiz. Their resident genius, Peter Dyakowski, got himself a more than respectable 80% on the 30 questions. […]