Thanks To Editing, It Truly Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience

I’m glad that 570 News seems to have finally edited that commercial where the woman is plugging a trip to Spain and says “it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to go back.” Yes, she really did say that and nobody caught it. How do you miss a mistake that […]

Happy Almost Retirement, Larry Mellott!

Sending best regards to @stormradioguy as he begins his final broadcast at @1460CJOY 30 mins from now before retiring from full time duty. โšกโšก#PlatersPlayback 1988-09-21: Larry Mellott calling the Guelph Platers final season opener at Guelph Memorial Gardens vs Toronto Marlies. — PlatersHockeyHistory (@PlatersHockey) June 28, 2019 That’s some old audio of Larry Mellott, […]

Happy Temporary Forced Retirement, Bob McCown

"My butt hurts. I'm gone. There will be no more. Good night and goodbye from Toronto."@FadooBobcat signs off the only way he knows how ๐Ÿ˜‚ — Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) June 21, 2019 Man, sports talk in Canada is going to be pretty weird without Bob McCown, the latest veteran broadcaster that Rogers has sent to […]

Windchill, You Say?

I heard the silliest thing on 680 News this morning. The weather person, whose name I didn’t catch, said “it’s currently 13 degrees, but with the windchill it feels like 11.” What? Windchill? When it’s that warm and the numbers are that close together? If it’s currently 13 and the windchill is making it feel […]