Have You Guys Heard About That Thing Where You Hear About Something And Then Everybody Else Suddenly Hears About It?

You ever notice how sometimes you’ll come across a band or a TV show that nobody in the world seems to know about, but then once you know about it it’s suddenly everywhere? That happens to me all the time, and apparently it has a name and is based on a couple of psychological principles. […]

An Inside Look At A Call Centre In India

Reading this description of life as a call centre agent in India was really interesting. Interesting, and sad. But it also made me chuckle because of a comedy bit that Steve was recently talking about. I guess someone, whose name escapes him, was talking about how these Indian-sounding fellers always had very American names like […]

>2 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

>A couple of random things, just because. The Just For Laughs comedy festival has a YouTube channelnow, and while I haven’t done much digging through it yet, I’ve already come acrossthis great Joey Elias clip,which was one of Carin’s favourite parts of the road showwe went to a few years back. And here, for purposes […]