Talk Is Cheap. Dead Air Is Cheaper

This is supposed to be satire, but it’s a little too on the nose. Bell is just the worst. I’m not sure if there’s anything for which they can be criminally prosecuted for blatantly stealing all of that COVID emergency business relief money, but if there is, may it rain down upon them like vengeance […]

No One Should Ever Vote For Doug Ford Again, Said Doug Ford

Doug Ford Furious At Doug Ford For Cutting Funding To Long-Term Care Homes Toronto – After the Canadian military’s report on the state of long-term care homes was released, Doug Ford has stated how disappointed and angry he is over Doug Ford’s health care cuts that led to the homes being in this state. After […]

Also Sounds About Right

Ford government cancels tree planting program after learning trees also want to eliminate carbon TORONTO – In a move harshly criticized by environmentalists nationwide, the Ford government announced yesterday that it is cancelling a program that would have seen 50 million new trees planted in Ontario, after realizing that trees, like the Conservative-denounced carbon tax, […]

Sounds About Right

Catholic Church assures billionaires that none of their Notre Dame donations will go to poor VATICAN CITY — Speaking to the handful of billionaires, CEO’s, and corporations that had immediately donated billions of dollars to rebuild the burned Notre Dame Cathedral, Pope Francis assured them that none of these funds would be used to help […]