Can We Just Build A Wall Around America And Be Done With It?

I know people don’t much like the word in this context anymore, but this is retarded. Completely and utterly fucking retarded. So retarded that actual retarded people would look at the person who would make a decision like it and say “what are you, retarded?” A federal judge has struck down Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s […]

You’ll Be Fine. It’s Exaggerated, Remember?

I can’t imagine there not being a dumb lawsuit over this at some point, because that’s generally what happens when dumb people like Phillip Dupaul do dumb things and then have to face the possibility of perhaps facing the music. Dupaul is one of those guys who won’t wear a mask because the pandemic is […]

Just Wear The Damn Mask. And If You Honestly Can’t, Just Say So

Perhaps some of you might remember a website from years ago called the Biggest Idiot On The Internet. It’s sadly not around anymore, but if it was I’m pretty sure Letitia Montana here would have today’s win sewn up. Went into the Emergency Dept. at St Joseph’s Hospital in #Toronto for a suspected broken finger. […]