3 Seats To A Row: For When Groping One Woman On Your Flight Just Isn’t Enough

What’s better than sexually assaulting one woman on an airplane? Well, if you’re Saurabh Agarwal and the FBI is telling the truth, the answer is trying to sexually assault two women on an airplane. In a sworn affidavit, FBI Agent David Wiegand reported that “R.C.L” was seated next to Agarwal on American Airlines Flight 1142, […]

I Was Hoping We Could Fly JetBlew Together

I don’t know how to introduce this, so let’s just get to the story. Brett Zorse, 50, apparently took a liking to a 32-year-old woman he was seated next to on a flight between San Francisco and New York. Being the friendly, flirtatious type, Zorse struck up a conversation or 2 with her during the […]

Sir, That’s Not A Traytable. Please Take It Out Of The Upright Position

Update: Pearce has plead guilty to a misdemeanor and will be sentenced August 19th. He’s currently free on $25000 bond and has already been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and get counseling as conditions attached to that freedom. Air travel can at times be a stressful, boring experience. But there are better ways to […]

Sir, This Isn’t The Cockpit

Oh me oh my. What a story. Let’s just get to telling it. According to reports from flight staff on an airplane, Neil Prendeville, a popular radio personality, just unzipped his pants and started wackin’ it while sitting in his seat between two passengers. He apologized on air for the incident, claiming that he had […]

Fly The We’re Gettin’ Too Friendly In Here Skys

I know if I were a dude and I found that my scrotum was bleeding while I was on a plane, I’d be pretty freaked out. But I don’t think I’d ever ask a flight attendant to give the area a close examination to figure out what was wrong, and then sue when the attendant […]

American Airlines: Something Special In The Hair

Yuck! Imagine getting settled in your seat on a plane, going to sleep and waking up to find that the man sitting next to you is masturbating and has jacked in your hair! Ug! Fucking disgusting! I don’t know if I’d sue American Airlines, the airline with which she was flying, unless I knew for […]