New Guide Dog Journals: The Journey Home

Well here I am, although who knows where here is since I’m sitting in a chair in the sky. Woke up early and ran around grabbing all the odds and ends I couldn’t pack up until absolutely necessary. The resident advisor came in, had a boo around and confirmed I hadn’t forgotten anything. Then the 3 of us with early flights loaded up and headed to the airport. She took me first and after some troubles finding Air Canada, we arrived. Tansy walked through the airport like a little trooper. The only thing I noticed was what felt like a left pull. That never showed itself in training at all. We’ll see if that was a one-off.

We got to security, and I did the long leash call the dog through thing. Only problem was the first time, Tansy broke her stay and started inching through. No worries, second time was the charm and only Tansy got the rubberoo.

I’m on the plane and it’s a full flight. I’m sitting next to a nice couple headed for Italy. Tansy was only slightly disturbed by takeoff, but it only consisted of her sitting up and not wanting to lie back down. It worked itself out and she’s lying at my feet.

I really do feel like I’m picking up where Trixie left off. It’s amazing. I know I have challenges ahead and so much to learn about my labby buddy, but she really feels like a pretty awesome dog.

I love it when I get asked how long I’ve had her and I say we graduated yesterday and they’re all amazed. Yup I think my entrance onto the plane with Trix was much more difficult…then again, I was in a knee brace. That probably didn’t help.

Tansy is sleeping at my feet. She didn’t know what to do this morning when I packed her bed. She sniffed the heck out of the bag, then ran in and out of her crate over and over again. It was like what she knew to be a firm assumption was gone. Then she nearly climbed in my lap and sniffed and kissed me all over. Poor poochers.

Another funny thing Tansy did as we walked through the airport was as we walked past a place where people got food, she looked at it pretty seriously as if to say “You sure you don’t want breakfast?”

She wasn’t even too upset with me when I didn’t feed her this morning. Last night she expressed her disapproval at not being fed on time. It must have been because the raisers were there too.

Oh god am I ready for this? I’m sure it will go fine. It’s just so much harder when you know this next week is busy busy busy. Tansy, ready to rock and roll?

Went through some turbulence and Tansy didn’t move. Good girl.

Almost half way through the flight. They sent us with some food. I’m thinking about chomping some. But I can’t reach it. Oh, more turbulence. Guess I won’t ask yet.

I wonder how our one classmate is doing. He has a bit of a layover. Yug I wouldn’t want to deal with that with my first dog and a new dog. Will have to check on him when I get a chance.

It’s the next Saturday and I’m finishing this.

Rest of the flight was uneventful except for poor Tansy having to watch her paws because I was in an aisle seat.

We got off the plane and were taken to baggage claim where, miraculously, my bag was there. Only weird thing was poor Tansy slipped on the super slick airport floors.

Mom and dad were there too, so we set off for home.

I can’t count the number of times mom called Tansy Trixie. She jumped on my mom and my dad was not pleased. Oh well, we’ll work it out. We got Tansy to the vet and got her city tags and a poofy bed, and a big bag of grub, the most important of all.

Tanseroo had a real trial by fire style week, and came through like a champ. She even experienced gross freezing rain and, although she didn’t approve of wearing 4 booties, she got it together. She snoozes on her bed at work and is an angel. Spookily, she found my office before I could prompt her to find it. I expected more bumps in the road, but really, there have been none, at least not in the working sense.

My coworkers, although they all want to pet her, are resisting temptation. Did I mention how much I love my coworkers?

She’s done lab loops around the apartment, and one night, she let loose with about 5 good barks for no reason out in the yard. I think she was unleashing some pent up energy. Aww, you adorable dog you.

I got an email from our instructor team. They got our little thank you gift that one of our classmates arranged. This dude was super nice, and not only did that, but bought cupcakes for us all.

And so begins our life together. I think it’s going to be a good one.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 14

I’m exhausted but here goes.

Got up and started packing. I was surprised at how well everything fit. I had a hard time eating, my stomach was doing acrobatics.

Had our lecture on how grad was going to go and how our dogs will be pissed tomorrow due to lack of morning chow.

Then it was back for more packing. This time around, I’ve got Tansy’s health certificate in my fanny pack. I packed as much as I could, then got dressed up. Oh dear I think I’ve packed on some poundage because these pants that fit me nicely before were a bit tight, and my blouse was being less than cooperative. Hope I don’t look like a whale.

Then we went to the dining room and again I tried to eat with limited success. Took Tansy out to relieve and finally she peed but no poop. Loaded up and went to campus. Sat in this room and waited for puppy raisers. Eventually mine showed up…and Tansy lost it, snorting and grunting and leaping. They hugged me and ooed and awwed over her and how much she’s changed since they sent her in for training. Then we went for a stroll and found a place to relieve Tansy. She pooped, this meant I was relieved too lol.

We came back in and they took Tansy with them. I sat and thought about how I wouldn’t fail and would actually have more words than a sputter. Somehow I managed to choke out something. Actually Tansy got me started by sniffing at my kibble pouch. And then everything went from there.

After graduation was when everything went straight up crazy. Autumn from my 2007 class came, as well as Trixie’s puppy raisers came, which was awesome, but Tansy’s raisers really wanted to take me to lunch, but I didn’t know where we were going so I couldn’t easily invite my friends along too. I felt really bad for Trixie’s raisers since they had come a couple hours and then only saw me for a second.

We went out to an Italian restaurant, and I met one of the couple’s daughters and her boyfriend.

Tansy was mostly good, although she seemed to be really wanting to jump on folks and I don’t get much warning. She also sat up near her food time and would not lie down without some serious convincing. It made me a little nervous for the future, even though I knew this was coming.

The one raiser says she’s sending a package and will knit me a blanket. That’s very cute.

I’m exhausted. I think Tansy is too. and tomorrow morning we fly home. 5:00 pickup comes early. Keeling now.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 13

It’s over? Yup it appears it’s over. I really should be attempting to shoehorn all this new stuff into my bags, but I want to write for a bit.

So this morning we went to the instructors’ room, or the hotel room turned into that room, and had a big chat about going home, what we’re going to do with family and friends, etc. Plus we got told all about grad services and Kim and stuff. It was good. We then got handed our year’s supply of flee/tic/heartworm preventative and ear-cleaning stuff.

Next they tried to teach me how to cross a roundabout…and although each roundabout seems to be sized up on an individual basis, it might sorta ish be doable. So we went to a one-lane roundabout and those are the easiest to deal with since they’re kinda small. You have to treat it like it’s an uber rounded corner. Go around the corner and when you feel it straighten out and the traffic seems to be doing its curvey swervies behind you, hop up in the direction away from how you just rounded. Tansy found this beautiful crossing spot with trunkated domes and stopped. So then you have to treat it like an uncontrolled crossing, wait for an all quiet, and run like a bugger. Thankfully with one-lane roundabouts you don’t have far to go until you hit a splitter island where you stop. Then you listen for traffic coming the other direction since all traffic has to go counterclockwise, listen for an all quiet and run like a bugger again. Thankfully people must move slow through there, so *should* be able to have time to see you, and apparently there have been studies to show that drivers are more likely to stop for you if you *don’t* make eye contact with them because they realize you have not acknowledged them. I wouldn’t risk my life on those studies but it’s an interesting theory.

Other roundabouts have pedestrian push buttons that don’t tell drivers to stop but sort of indicate to them that hey, he of the two-footed variety dares to enter the roundabout. But it seems if you’re going to cross at a roundabout, you should be familiar with it, and not all roundabouts are created equal. Plus, the more lanes are in it, the scarier.

So, I’m still scared of the sons of bitches, but I might have some form of clue.

Then we had lunch, and a bunch of people talked about how awesome it was to go on the hiking trail. Sounds like it was a giant exercise in follow your dog.

Then admissions came in and went over the great honker of a binder, and I’m pleased to report that much more is available in alternative format. The only thing I wish was is the medical history, but it can be recorded, so that fixes that. It is one amazing binder.

So I sit here in a bit of shock. I’ve been moved through the process and they’re getting ready to spit me out the other side. I can scarcely believe it, but I think I’m ready. Nervous since life doesn’t stop, but ready, and hey I’m not injured.

So tomorrow should be a crazy day. Tansy’s raisers are coming, and I also have Trixie’s raisers and my room-mate from the Trixie class. And after graduation, Tansy’s raisers want to take me out to an Italian restaurant. I still have to pack, since my evening was consumed with other things. Before we had decided on chocolates for Rose, we thought about getting her a class picture and putting it in a frame. So when we were in the gift shop, I scooped one up. Then we decided on chocolates but it was too late. Now today Admissions came back and gave us the picture. Oops. So I tried to get it in the frame but it was too big. Even so, one of the nurses sort of put it together. This whole picture thing turned into a shmoz. Oh well.

Then a bunch of us went to the bar. I was only going to have one but a dude decided to buy us a round. Now i’m feelin’ it.

Oh, my class likes to call me munchkin, not because I’m short but because I make little noises at Tansy. This class has been amazing. I’ll miss every one of them. There has been not one moment of competition or friction.

I keep meaning to mention that I keep calling Tansy my little rock star.

I’m exhausted. Ready or not, here comes grad.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 12

I’m tired. I had a hard time settling down to sleep. I was just so jazzed about this whole raiser call and thinking about the whole Friday dinner.

I realize I’ve kind of suck at explaining how they do things in the new training. We don’t go everywhere together on a big ol’ bus. Now since the student to instructor ratio is 2 to 1, we ride in vans with our respective instructors. I think they try and make the pairs as close as possible as far as custom needs and goals. So 2 students and an instructor ride together and do their routes. Yup should have explained that on day 2. Gees I fail.

At breakfast, I brought Rose’s chocolates down and gave them to her. She went around the table and hugged us all. Success!

We went to this city with a light rail system so those who do subways could do that. Since Kitchener doesn’t have light rail yet, I didn’t. I went through a crazy snaky plaza to a pet store. Tansy is now the proud owner of a tug toy.

I forgot to mention how much Tansy whined at the vet. I think it’s out of excitement.

Also on Sunday I think I got my first give me food stare.

We came back to the lounge and had lunch and people who hadn’t done the quiz yet did it all together as a group. It didn’t really matter that they did it together since the point is knowing the stuff. Then we headed back to the hotel and people decided who was doing afternoon or night routes or both, and those who hadn’t done the exit interviews yet had them done. The other student I travel with noticed something on her dog that she felt needed a look from the vets. So the two of us went back to do the mall to do escalators but nothing else since we had to get over to the vet. Damn I was hoping to get some of that yummy mix from Sea’s candy.

Oh. Tansy loves her tug toy a little too much. She tried to jump on me when we went to play. Then she tried to clamp on right next to my hands. When I said neither of those were cool, she got all droopy tailed and went to her crate. Oh dear. Poor sensitive soul.

God I hope I’m not getting fat. I find it harder to bend over and make sure all of Tansy is inside the car before shutting the door.

Guh I still keep making dumb mistakes. I’m going to hope it’s being tired. I’m also not perfect at getting the booties on. I always end up with one of them all crooked. Bleh.

But at least I’m not the only retrain making mistakes.

Aside: at the mall, a little dog walked up behind Tansy and sniffed her butt and Tansy didn’t move. Go Tansy.

So I think we convinced the raisers to take me out Saturday night. Friday night was turning into a logistical nightmare.

I think this afternoon we’ll try the flexi leash and some other little things.

It was raining a lot today but I always miss it. I’m lucky I think.

As for coming home, I hear the weather’s weird. My luck might be running out.

But in more awesome news, dog food has been ordered and should be in Monday.

We headed out to do overhead obstacles that are over a dog’s head but could clonk their handler in the face. These are the hardest because they’re not in the dog’s way at all so it’s hard to teach. Tansy stopped! Without clanging me into those foam rods she stopped! Om nom kibble jackpot for Tansy.

Then we did flexi, the thing I expected to go easiest. Well…Danielle got her running and the flexi flew out of my hand! That’ll beat the confidence down. I was getting sad that I was having such a down day so close to the end. I decided to go on the night route hoping for more success. We went to Coldstone Creamery, a place I couldn’t go to last time because I injured myself and it was too far.

As we drove down to find a place to park, we wondered why parking was so difficult. As we walked closer, we figured it out. FARMER’S MARKET, DEAD AHEAD!

So, we had to navigate people and dogs and noise and dropped food and bouncy castles and loud music…and Tansy rocked it!

I had a yummy frozen yogourt and just felt so happy. The night route was just what I needed.

When I came back to the hotel and it was time for nighttime relieving, I was outside talking to other classmates, when from behind me came knocking on the glass. It sounded like it came from inside my room. I called the nurse over, and she said it came from above our heads and a man was waving and grinning. Either he’s a strange man, or is that one of Tansy’s raisers? Did they choose to stay at the hotel and they saw us? Although it’s more likely it’s column a since Tansy exhibited 0 reaction, it’s an interesting thought to consider.

I finished this journal entry in the morning because I was exhausted. One more day until grad.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 11

Holy crap I can’t even keep track of what day it is.

I’m writing this one up at the end…only this time I’m sitting up in a chair so if I fall asleep with my keyboard, I’m in trouble.

Today started off with us all going to San Francisco. We all walked different routes. I crossed wide streets and road a bus and dodged people and had to walk near noisy construction and lots of stuff. At one point I think 4 of us boarded the bus at once. Jen, my main instructor from the last class commented on how quick I got the Tanserino into position. We only bumped into one pedestrian and it may not have been all my fault.

Then we headed back to the lounge and we were told that we needed to do that quiz I was talking about, but even if we didn’t do well, it just meant they had to go over stuff with us. I did the quiz in about 5 minutes using the iThing and got 100% so yeah it wasn’t hard at all.

Then we had the airport security chat. We don’t go to the airport anymore. We just talk about what our rights are, i.e. they can never separate you from your dog, and you don’t have to take their gear off and the whole have the dog sit, make a long leash, go through, hopefully you don’t beep, then call your dog so pooch is the only searchee, or go together and both get groped. Then they set up some chairs like the metal detector and had instructors pretend to be uneducated TSA agents. It was amusing.

Then we went back to the mall so we could do escalators again and walk through a food court. Tansy walked through there without a gentle leader on and even lay down next to a piece of pretzel and didn’t go for it. You go girl.

We managed to run and get Rose a box of Sea’s Candy. We hope she likes it. Also got something for Tansy’s raisers (I won’t say what it is since they could be reading). Then we headed over to campus and let our two dogs have a romp. I think I’ve explained the whole thing of us being paired up? I hope I have anyway. Well the two of us went to the paddock so our dogs had fun. Both dogs had awesome recall.

So after that, we came back to the hotel and we fed and relieved the doggies, although Tansy didn’t go. I think she did her thing in the paddock.

Maintenance came by and fixed my door and my safe once and for all. Only took them most of my stay. Oh well at least the next occupant of this room should have a smooth ride.

Earlier today a couple of students had said they felt like pizza. So we ordered pizza and ate it outside by the fire pit. It was a really fun dinner full of laughs.

After that, I gave Tansy some water and was grooming her when the phone rang. IT WAS HER RAISERS! Eeee! Unfortunately I couldn’t answer the phone because I was chasing a runaway doggie toothpaste tube.

When I managed to skype them, they said they wanted to meet with me on Friday and possibly see Tansy before graduation.

Hmmm I think I may be able to go with them to dinner, but legally I don’t think I can take Tansy since technically she hasn’t graduated. Will have to figure out logistics.

I don’t think I mentioned this but Tansy is the first puppy they raised. Wow. I know Trix was her raiser’s second, but she’s the first dog that graduated. Hmmm I’m always getting to be people’s first. Hope I don’t break them lol. Well I didn’t break Trix’s raisers so this is good.

I think I managed to write everything down.

Oh I finally found out the reason for why they say booties on the rear paws on escalators. I guess dogs are more likely to get their front paws out of the way, but they’re less aware of their back feet.

Oh one more thing before I fall down. As we pulled into campus, Tansy tried to put her front paws up on the van window as if she wanted to climb out. Why? She saw her primary trainer again. If this is what she does for her, what will she do for her raisers?

Oh and I fail at practical jokes but we all know this. Adam had to pick up Danielle and said “Let’s play a joke on her and tell her we had a horrible afternoon.” So I’m desperately trying to think of a tale to create and all I could come up with was “Some kids laughed at our dogs and their booties.” Yes, I fail.

Ok screwing off for real this time.

New guide dog journals day 10

I’m exhausted. If I’m not careful, I may fall asleep with my keyboard.

So we went to the lounge and waited for big evil traffic check man aka Adam. So for those who don’t know, the traffic route is the one where the class supervisor, or someone, drives at you from various positions so you can feel what it feels like. It was cool to see the newbs go out on the route all full of nerves but come back full of confidence.

Tansy did really well. By the end, though, she started seeking out buildings. It was kind of adorable. When we got back to the lounge, she was panting harder than I’ve ever seen. Oh and Adam was driving a hybrid. That was freaky. It would appear out of nowhere. He said it made a high pitched whine…I never heard much of anything…a little gravel crunching but that’s all.

It’s getting near the end of training so they’re starting to talk exit interviews. You can do it face to face or now you can do it online. But the only down side of doing it online is you have to do it sooner, and right now you can only do it from one computer and others had complained that it didn’t work well in Safari.

I did it online because I like writing my own thoughts down, but knowing what I know now I would wait and do it face to face on Friday. There are things I couldn’t say because we still had 3 and a half days of training to go and in this new way, that means so much still needs to be crammed in.

Then we went over to campus for one jam packed afternoon. I got some gift shop items, We had our pictures taken, we had our fun things about my puppy thing read, We had the vet lecture that now kind of looks like a q and a, and then we had our vet consults. Oh and they told us about speakers bureau and alumni association. Oh and I got to meet Tansy’s primary instructor. Oh my god Tansy lost her mind. I believe she learned to fly. I wish for the day when I got that exuberant reaction…and if this is what she does for the trainer,…I’m in trouble when the raisers show up.

I got to tell her that I call Tansy my little rock star and she laughed. I know I have more questions for her, but I only have a couple minutes. At least I have her email.

At the vets, Tansy had had several small medical problems but nothing scary. Found out she weighs 51 pounds now, and I also recorded her microchip number. She has more tags now. She jingles different now.

Then it was back to the hotel, feed the dogs and come to dinner before a night route.

Dinner was ok, except I think I unintentionally ruffled some feathers. The director of training was there asking us how we thought it was going. I said the only thing I missed so far was the bus to lounge route because that really built up my confidence. Well! She asked me why that couldn’t be scheduled in and how come I didn’t know what my goals for the week were and how come the instructors just couldn’t back off anyway…and on it went. I explained to her that we basically get told by the half day. Sure we set our goals but the instructors figure out how to shoehorn those goals into the week. At this, she said she would get me some more information and stormed off, not before backing her chair straight into Tansy. Thank god Tansy moves quick.

When she came back she didn’t speak to me for the rest of dinner, leaving me with an uneasy feeling.

On the way to night route, I managed to explain what happened but not before getting emotional. At least Danielle understood.

Night route was good. Traffic was wacky and unpredictable. We did more clicker and discovered that because my hands are so wee small, it was better to go with a marking word than trying to manhandle the clicker and all the other gear. Tansy likes that audible pole.

Funny thing that happened to us: Tansy saw a white prius, the same car that Adam drove at us, and would have nothing to do with it.

Oh and we got and tried gentle leaders today. They have a new extender piece to attach gentle leader to collar without engaging it. Now that confuses me lol.

And the reason this is going up in the morning is I did fall asleep with my keyboard.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 9

Back to the grind with us all. I have no idea what this day will look like since everybody’s got their own customized routes to hit. I know tomorrow afternoon we go over to GDB campus but today is a great big mystery.

Oh and thanks to Carolyn the awesome nurse, I have trimmed bangs. Yea I won’t look like crap for my picture.

There’s something funny I keep meaning to write down. Every time the hotel chef walks past our table, he says “Guide Dogs in the house!” It always makes me chuckle.

It’s so hard to explain to a first-timer the difference between new team bumps in the road and holy crap problems that need addressing. Like one guy’s guide has bumped him into a few things. Sometimes that happens while they’re both figuring each other out. But if it keeps up despite reworks, then maybe it could become a problem. It’s gotta be so hard when you only have a week left and then you go home…although to be fair, the real anxiety, for me, always waited until the last week to appear, so this would be just par for the course.

I’d have to look over my Trix journals, but I gotta say we’re getting through everything and my brain isn’t a pancake. The question, I suppose, is do the first-timers’ brains feel like pancakes? It’s hard to know because as a first-timer, I never wanted to admit my internal feelings. But they look like they’re doing ok.

Hey Steve. One of the first-timers says he waited so long to get a guide dog because he couldn’t stand the thought of picking up poop. Hmmm.

I’m terrible at measuring a half a cup when I only have a full cup measure. I’m a terrible guestimater.

I’m still not sure I’m getting Tansy’s poop. Now I’m starting to wonder if she’s a walking pooper and I just don’t know it.

We’re starting to exchange contact info through our phones. Yea.

What am I going to have for breakfast? Think I might get from the buffet.

One classmate said something that has got me curious. He looked at me and said, very seriously, ”
Carin, I have to ask you something. Do you ever wake up not feeling like it’s the best day of your life?” Hmmm am I really that bouncy? This could either mean that he likes my bounce or I’m really annoying. I’m going to hope it’s column A until I hear otherwise.

I finally know why Tansy kept stopping at a specific hotel room that we’d never gone to. The smartypants classmate who has it had rubbed kibble on the door frame. Well mystery is solved.

It’s raining today. This is good, believe it or not.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop waiting to go out.

My door’s still being a tool. Is it me?

I feel a bit antisocial sitting at this coffee shop alone, surrounded by people, typing away.

I have to remember to show off my Aftershokz headphones. My classmates are interested.

This morning we walked through some busy traffic, did some clicker training with a pole, and went through a grocery store. All went pretty well. She picks up patterns really fast. This is a blessing and a curse. I can’t do anything wrong or she’ll pattern to that.

We did food setups and greeting people setups. I think she knew they were setups.

I just got some news. I get to talk to the one who did most of Tansy’s training. That’s tomorrow afternoon. Rockin.

They’re trying to get me a safe I can reach. They really want me to use it.

Now with these routes, they’re trying to simulate how we’d slowly cut back on food reward. We also did more clicker. It takes so long to train a skill, but god does it ever get engrained. We were clicking for a pole and when we passed it again, she tried to target it without me doing anything.

I had relieved her at around 11 a.m. and she pooped. Then I took her out to relieve at around 1:30 and she peed. I figured that was all she had to do. Then we headed out and without giving me any warning I could perceive, she stopped mid stride and started pooping in harness. Oh no oh no. I’ve never had a dog poop without some warning.. Poor dog, I thought she was sniffing so I corrected her and so she sort of sucked her poop back in. Then when I gave her another chance to relieve, she couldn’t go.

One of my classmates has a migraine. Don’t let me get another headache.

I have no idea what’s to come for tonight. I know there are 2 night routes but other than that, I am without clue.

I really didn’t get wet much at all. A couple of my classmates got royally soaked.

Man suddenly I’m tired. I’m afraid I might fall asleep in this coffee shop.

So all the way back to the hotel, Tansy whined on and off. We got back here and immediately I took her out to relieve and immediately she relieved. Yucky icky goo poop.

She’s hilarious with her kong. She runs around with it, waves it at me and then continues snorting and running in circles.

I gave her the flee stuff and she took it rather well, but not before jumping on Danielle…again. What did I say about progress?

I was told why she wouldn’t leave her crate when I called her…it’s because she’s probably been told to stay there until they physically come and get her. Oops.

Now mom and dad have called to ask if I want a ride home from the airport. Rarg I have booked a shuttle. But not only do they want to drive me home but they want to try and install things. Yarg not now.

They also seem deeply disturbed that Tansy pooped in harness and is a jumper. “That’s not good at all!” Dad says, as if it’s the end of the world. Um Trix had some issues at the beginning. It’s all part of them growing up and learning what I will and will not put up with.

I have to work on her chompiness while taking food when we’re clicker training. I haven’t mastered this whole put it in a fist until you get it to the mouth thing.

I think that’s all for now. I swear there were other little bits I wanted to say, but they evade my exhausted brain.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 8

Ah the wonders of a day off. Tansy has been fed, watered and relieved which she did in the planter *oops* plus she’s been groomed. This morning a couple of the dogs had goopies on their eyes, probably just sleep crusties but weird that two dogs have them.

I’m just waiting for Trixie’s raisers to arrive. Mara the resident advisor knows I’ll be gone and will check on Tansy. Also she canceled my lunch because I likely will be stuffed. I wish I had recent Trixie pics but I don’t. The one good thing about Rose doing my laundry is I no longer have that job to do on Sunday.

Tansy jumped for her bone again this morning, then got confused when I told her no. She thought I was saying don’t play with her bone. No no have at your bone, just don’t jump for it. But the second time she passed her bone this morning she didn’t jump for it. She also didn’t jump on Mara either, which she was fond of doing. Yea? Progress?

She jumped on Adam yesterday. Like really? You had to jump on the class supervisor?

We’re thinking of getting Rose either a box of chocolates or some chocolate strawberries from somewhere that one classmate knows about. Now we’re thinking of something for the instructors. Plus I want to get Tansy’s raisers something, do a better job than I did last time.

Man this floor is filling up with some crazy teenagers. They were all fascinated with Tansy finding the elevator. They wondered if there was a guide dog conference on or something. Not quite.

I wonder if tomorrow we splat flee/tic stuff on our doggeroos. Tansy says “mmm…beef flavoured Heart Guard.”

So next week, we’ll hardly see the lounge since there’s so much customizing going on…just when the wifi gets fixed lol.

Who’s barking? somebody’s barking.
Man what a good day. Trixie’s raisers found my room so I didn’t have to find the front desk. They also got to see Tansy, who they thought was pretty similar in size to Trixie. We sat up in the lobby for a good hour and a half. She even brought her 11-month-old pup. What a doll.

Then we went out to this place called BJ’s…pardon me for being a bit disturbed by the name. I had a good lunch there, but I kept watching the clock since I knew Tansy was being watched by others. We got back too late for the T-Touch seminar thinggy but that’s ok. It’s not every day you get to see your past pup’s raisers.

After that I just talked to a couple of people and played around on my phone. It felt good to do that.

Dinner was the usual stuff and then some of us decided to hit the pool and hot tub. Man that was fun. I almost saw a dude drop his phone in the water. It wasn’t one of us. I would have laughed so hard.

Oh, and my patio door’s still not perfect. We had to get maintenance in again. Bleh.

You know all that stuff about Tansy not wanting to chew a bone while on tiedown? Well she likes a bone in her crate. And this morning she took her Kong to bed with her. Goofus.

I don’t know what else to say about today except that it was a much-needed rest.

New Guide Dog Journals Day 7

Wow. Day 7 already.

A few things: I think I might have heard the beginnings of a dream bark last night. Also, Tansy told me last night that she can hold it, and will communicate quite clearly when she has to go.

I think they’re trying to fix the wifi. Yea. Also maintenance is going to fix my door track so it’s not so hard to open my door. They really want me to use my safe. Problem is I can barely reach it.

I think those are all the loose ends I can think of. Time to go chomp some breakfast.

Oh I have more loose ends. I found out that Trixie’s mom died very young, in 2006. Trixie’s dad is still alive. He’s 10 years old but he’s still kickin’.

Another thing I learned about Tansy is she sneezes and snorts a lot while on route. She also doesn’t like to come if she’s laying in her open crate and I call her. Man she’s a quick learner. I accidentally left water out a couple of times.Now she looks every time.

I talked about the difficulty of shaking old habits. I also find myself carrying old baggage from Trix. For instance, At the end of Trix’s work, she would shake off a lot. Now when Tansy shakes off, I get nervous. Also whenever Tansy licks or scratches, I get nervous too. I have to keep telling myself this is a different dog.

Speaking of Trix, I get to see her raisers tomorrow. It should be good. I also want to go to the t touch lecture and record it. It’s so nice to be able to record stuff.

We’re having our goal meetings this morning, we’re getting our booties and then we’re going to the mall to do escalators. Yea!

Goal meetings were good. It’s hard to think of everything I could Need, but I think I’ve thought up a good stack.

Then we went to the mall and did escalators. I have to say I did pretty awesome. And Tansy walked around in rear boots and didn’t pitch a fit. Yea. She didn’t even squirm when I put them on. And the back ones stayed on solidly. Yea. Must remember she takes extra small barknboots. They didn’t even make clip clop noises.

They also showed us that if you can tug them and they can wiggle, you have them on too loose.

Then this afternoon, we did rounded corners and sidewalkless, since there’s a chunk of area near my house that has no sidewalk. That went well and I’m surprised at how much I remember.

Other things I have learned about Tansy: she doesn’t tank up on water, at least not yet. And if she doesn’t have to pee, she’ll sometimes just lie down like Trix did.

I’m amazed at how fast I can slip back into knowing when to feed, water, relieve, remember to groom, etc.

Apparently I was supposed to have a kong already. They’re going to fix that.

I will never get used to housekeeping just coming in. I went out to relieve Tansy and they just walked into my room while I was out there.

Damn it Tansy pooped and I didn’t even feel it. I was feeling pretty good about knowing what she was going to do when and how to tell. Reality check time.

So I had no luck with Rose things at the mall today. Will have to call the mall and verify what parts of them are open tomorrow since it’s Easter Sunday.

Oh maintenance also fixed my door lock so I can actually use it.

Funny moment at the mall: Since we were going up and down escalators repeatedly, one of the sales staff wondered if we were lost. Another one told us Tansy looked awesome.

So yeah. Things are going really well. A half hour to dinner.

Tansy loves her kong, it’s official. Even offers it to me. Yea I have a kong. Now I just need to get her a tug.

Tansy whimpers every now and then and I haven’t figured out why.

She also likes to jump on people, and will jump up to get her toys! This spells trouble if I don’t get on top of it.

After dinner, a bunch of us crated our dogs and went to the bar in the hotel. I’m a little tipsy. Tomorrow is our day off. Should post this and crash.