He Didn’t Catch The Train, But The Train Caught Him

Since we have talked so much about people crossing the tracks and not hearing or seeing the oncoming train and then getting smucked by it, I thought this video had a place here. Apparently this guy was moving rather slowly. I don’t know, because the audio in the video doesn’t mention how fast he was […]

>Somebody Needs To Tell This Kid That There’s No Such Thing As An Extra Life

>I respect the hell out of Alessandro Micalizzi. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know that name until just now either. To a lot of people, the off-duty Italian police officer is a hero. With just seconds to spare, he managed to jump off of a subway platform and rescue a 10-year-old boy who had fallen […]

The Guide Dogs Tag Meets The Trains Tag

I saw the headline guide dog dragged by speeding train” and screamed. I can’t, I just can’t imagine. Somehow, the leash got caught by the sliding door and then the dog ended up out on the platform where it was dragged, got caught on something else, and fell to the guideway below. It appears to […]