All Elite Wrestling Looks To Have A Canadian TV Home

They didn’t exactly leave a lot of room for promotion considering that the thing debuts tomorrow night, but All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite TV show will be available in Canada. Details are extremely sparse (there hasn’t been an official announcement yet), but several reputable wrestling sites have reported that AEW and TSN have made a deal […]

Where Are They Now: Igor Kenk, the Guy Who Pilfered All Those Bikes

I remember being fascinated by the story of Igor Kenk as it was unfolding. First because I thought it was funny that a guy who owned a bike shop would have to send somebody out to steal a bike for him, and then just by how big the story ended up being (around 3000 bikes […]

Happy Temporary Forced Retirement, Bob McCown

"My butt hurts. I'm gone. There will be no more. Good night and goodbye from Toronto."@FadooBobcat signs off the only way he knows how 😂 — Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) June 21, 2019 Man, sports talk in Canada is going to be pretty weird without Bob McCown, the latest veteran broadcaster that Rogers has sent to […]