Netflix Is About To Nuke Your Account If You Haven’t Been Using It

I have no idea who has Netflix and isn’t watching it right now, but if you happen to fall into that group or know someone who might, this seems like a thing you’re going to want to know. In a very uncommon move by a subscription-based service, Netflix announced Thursday that it will begin canceling […]

CBC Is Bringing Back Your Local TV News

Good news, people who rely on CBC Television for local news. You’re getting it back. CBC/Radio-Canada President and CEO Catherine Tait says Canadians will be seeing more of their local television news hosts during the supper hour starting Tuesday. The public broadcaster came under fire last week after announcing evening and late-night TV newscasts would be temporarily suspended […]

CBC Television Shuts Down Local News At The Worst Possible Time

I’m going to hope that this was honest to god unavoidable, because what a terrible move otherwise. At times like these we need more local news, not less. There are people relying on their local news for up to date information about what’s happening around them, especially the older ones or the ones that live […]

Rogers And Others Are Trying To Make This Coronavirus Stuff A Little Easier ON Us

Rogers offering free TV channels, global roaming and more in response to COVID-19 Toronto-based national carrier Rogers has implemented a number of measures and free services to help its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Rogers and its brands are waiving long distance voice calling fees across Canada from now until April 30th. This applies to […]