United Breaks Guitars and Carin Breaks Blogs

If you were going through our labels this morning, and wondered what the hell happened to the advocacy label, the answer is I broke it! Thankfully I have now fixed it, and all is well in the land of the blog. It all started innocently enough. I was debating changing our whole internet label to […]

United Loses Luggage

There’s nothing I need to add here, this speaks for itself. United loses bags of broken-guitar singer After famously breaking his guitar, United Airlines has managed to cause further trouble for David Carroll by losing his luggage — just as the Canadian singer-songwriter was en route to deliver a speech about customer service. Departing from […]

United Still Breaks Guitars

A while ago Carin talked aboutpoor Dave Carroll and his go round with United airlines after their baggage monkeys destroyed his expensive guitar.In the second video she linked, Carroll promised that there were more songs to come, and true to his word,here’s song 2. A lot more went into making this one than the first. […]