It’s Been 25 Years Since That Version Of O Canada AT The Las Vegas CFL Game

I posted this video once before, back when everybody was freaking out about Nelly Furtado singing O Canada at that basketball game and I was trying to get them all to calm down. And now that the 25th anniversary of what is still one of the best worst anthem performances of all time has passed, […]

Queen Elizabeth Way Too Much Stuff In Your Car

I can think of more than one person in my family who has either definitely or quite probably done either this or something similar, but never somewhere as busy as the QEW. Yeah this really happened I front of me Posted by David Fafinski on Thursday, May 2, 2019 A baffling display of driving was caught […]

Where Are They Now: Igor Kenk, the Guy Who Pilfered All Those Bikes

I remember being fascinated by the story of Igor Kenk as it was unfolding. First because I thought it was funny that a guy who owned a bike shop would have to send somebody out to steal a bike for him, and then just by how big the story ended up being (around 3000 bikes […]