Maybe I’d consider Going To Church If This Guy Was Preaching There

The joke I posted earlier got me thinking about a video that I stumbled on a few days ago. I’m not sure how long this show lasted, but if it was more than 1 episode, I’d be stunned. The sound is kind of quiet and you can’t really hear the people calling in, but you […]

Football, 1984, And Other Things That Have Nothing In Common

Happy Wednesday to all. Wow, what a beautiful day it is outside today. Actually, what a beautiful week this has been. Possibly the nicest week we’ve had all Summer when I stop and think about it. Not too hot, not too humid, sunny, clear, breezy, it’s just about as perfect as weather can get. If […]

Things The Internet Can Teach Us All

1. When the cops pull you over and ask you to get out of your car,telling them off and then badmouthing them to the person on the other end of your phone probably isn’t the wisest choice you could make. 2. If you start a website thatallows people to translate phrases into multiple languages and […]