I Thought An Artisanal” Ice Cube Was A Popsicle

Dear god. Please tell me that people are not seriously willing to pay an extra dollar to have a bartender plunk an “artisanal” ice cube into their drinks. A Manhattan will set you back $14 at forthcoming downtown restaurant and bar Second State. Want it on the rocks? That will be a dollar more—for a total of $15. […]

There Is A Google Glass Sex App. Oh, And Some Other Stuff Happened, Too

I’ve seen a lot in the news about Google Glass, but to be honest, I haven’t paid that much attention to any of it. At least I hadn’t until today when a couple of stories caught my eye. But before we get into those, I’m sure some of you are wondering Steve, what the hell […]

I See You’re Having Trouble. Here, Let Me Make It Worse

Normally when you think of taking something simple and making it orders of magnitude more complicated than it needs to be, you think government program. But solving problems with problems equal to or greater than the originals isn’t only the domain of bureaucrats. It’s also, as you’re about to see, the domain of 10 not […]

Artificial Breast Milk Lollipops Are For Sale For Some Reason

There are many things in this world that I will readily admit I do not understand. One of those things, I have just discovered, is that there appears to be a decent-sized market for synthetic breast milk-flavoured lollipops. No really, these are a thing, and you can apparently buy four of them for $10 if […]