Blah Talk

These Raw Talk and Talking Smack shows that WWE does. Who are they for? Who out there, when Raw in particular is over, wants more? By the time I get through the experience I’ve generally about had my fill of nonsensical yip yap and time filling gum flapping. I never watch anything live anymore, and […]

Pro-Wrestling Favorability Survey

For once, let’s take a survey not related to accessibility. This one’s about wrestling, specifically how you feel about and access programming from various companies. This survey is being conducted by Brandon Thurston (, an independent researcher, writer, pro-wrestler, and sometimes business consultant who creates content associated with He plans to use the results […]

WWE Going From Two Groups Of Incoherent People To One

WWE CONSOLIDATES CREATIVE TEAM, BRUCE PRICHARD TO LEAD This makes sense. Both teams ultimately answered to Vince McMahon anyway, plus I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched nearly identical stories play themselves out at the same time on shows that are supposed to be separate and distinct. Why pay two sets of people […]

I Do A Stupid Thing And Regret It Almost Immediately. It’s The Wrestling Notepad

A note from present day me before we get going here. When I decided to let myself get months behind on all wrestling so that I could catch up on older shows I’d been putting off because WWE takes up so much time every week, there was a part of me that thought dude, you’re […]