Hell In A Cell Is Dead, Much Like My Interest In WWE. Here, Have A Wrestling Notepad

So good to see one guy clowning both sets of tag champions by himself. I know the one guy is Braun, but jesus. Do they not have 4 random dudes back there? Do we have to go out of our way at every turn to make sure that nobody ever cares about anything again? Speaking […]

All Elite Wrestling Looks To Have A Canadian TV Home

They didn’t exactly leave a lot of room for promotion considering that the thing debuts tomorrow night, but All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite TV show will be available in Canada. Details are extremely sparse (there hasn’t been an official announcement yet), but several reputable wrestling sites have reported that AEW and TSN have made a deal […]

Stomping Grounds Was Surprisingly Good, Super ShowDown Was Not, And A Bunch of Other Stuff Happened. It’s The Wrestling Notepad

I’ve watched Kushida wrestle twice already in NXT, but I’m so behind on New Japan that I just finished watching his sendoff match against Hiroshi Tanahashi from the Road to the New Beginning. I loved it, and it’s a fine example of why I don’t plan on skipping any shows to catch up if I […]