Long Weekend Audio: Caboom!Cast

The urge struck us to do some more audio, so here we are. We had a lot of fun doing this one. It started with me not saying go at the right moment. Woops. Welcome to me not being a good record button-pusher. Then we just rambled about the awesome weather, the Blue Jays winning […]

Everybody Wants To Meet The Girl Next Door, But There Are Better Ways To Go About It Than This

Good idea: Taking a shower to sober yourself up after a long night of drinking.Bad idea: Taking your sober up showerat the neighbour lady’s house because you got lost on the way back to your own. “He was very apologetic,” Superintendent Daniel Shean said. The man got lost on the way to his house in […]

I Don’t Know What’s More Smashed, Him Or The Door

You know, at least Karl Kornrumpf was close to his house when he tried to break down the wrong door. He was only one street over, not 8 miles from it, or worse yet, 46 miles from it. Two things stand out. That’s one tough door, and he sure seems like an honest guy. I […]

Soon He’ll Have New Neighbours To Feud With…

Remember the whole Richard Zeh fiasco? Well, the guy who put up the Craigslist ad, Philip Conran, has been arrested. What a tool. He was feuding with his neighbour, so said she was wishing to fulfill her dream of having group sex, and posted her address on Craigslist. I guess she got quite a few […]