Doug Ford Is Still Doug Ford And Toronto Is Going To Get Us All Killed

Doug ford has, as I’ve said before, done a largely solid job of handling the Coronavirus outbreak. But he’s starting to show signs that, at the end of the day, he’s still Doug Ford.

Not calling a full inquiry into what’s happening in long-term care facilities and instead opting for a less thorough, government lead commission, for a start. There’s only one reason why you do that. You want to maintain control over every aspect of it so that you can ensure to the best of your abilities that whatever it finds lines up with what you would like it to line up with.

The government says its reasoning is that inquiries take too long and we need answers now. Arguable, so allow me to argue against it. If we really want to get to the bottom of whatever issues there are in the system, what we need are good answers, not quick ones. And what we absolutely don’t need are answers manipulated into being by the sitting government of the day, no matter how much I happen to like or dislike whomever that government happens to be.

And then there’s this testing business. Opening it up to as many people as possible is certainly something we should be doing, but nobody needs an appointment? What?

“If you are worried you have COVID-19, or that you’ve been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, even if you’re not showing symptoms, please go get a test,” Ford said during a televised speech on Sunday.
“You will not be turned away, you don’t need an appointment, just show up.”

If that was anything other than an extremely unfortunate slip of the tongue by a guy who’s frustrated and tired, it’s nonsense. Just go ahead and show up at the testing centre has awful idea written all over it. It’s a fine way to overwhelm a system that’s already clearly struggling to keep up with the seemingly ever changing numbers expected of it, not to mention the chaos that could easily ensue as you try to enforce distancing rules in a long ass line full of people who might be ill.

Sure enough, assessment sites are already telling people to call ahead to schedule, because of course they are.

“The centres have been open. We’ve extended the hours,” St. Mary’s General Hospital’s president Lee Fairclough. “They can come and be tested. Basically, it’s a phone call to book a time.”
The centres expanded testing to anyone with symptoms on the holiday weekend, following earlier provincial directives.

Local testing centres are all open seven days a week, although hours vary. Information is posted on Region of Waterloo Public Health’s site, including locations, hours and numbers to call for an appointment.
The St. Mary’s location, which is in north Waterloo where it held a cardiac program, tested 44 people on Saturday and most weekdays reaches close to the current capacity of 55.
“We have the ability to expand that as we need to,” Fairclough said.
People shouldn’t hesitate to get tested, as all the locations have the capacity to test more people and Fairclough emphasized that there’s no need to worry about overburdening the health system.

People also don’t need to avoid getting tested because they don’t want to go into a hospital. A provincial requirement for all assessment centres is that there’s a separate, marked entrance. That’s the case at both centres located within Grand River Hospital and Cambridge Memorial Hospital.
Booking an appointment also means no lineups or crowds.

And before I go, I just want to say thanks for the next case spike, morons!

Yeah, it was a wonderful day. We all want to get outside. But what in the actual fuck was this?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he was “shocked” to see thousands of people — many without masks — gather at Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday.
Officials in Toronto said the popular city park — located at Queen St. and Strachan Ave. — was much less crowded and under control on Sunday, after thousands of people gathered and broke COVID-19 physical distancing rules the day before.

“I thought it was a rock concert. I was shocked,” Ford said. “It was a beautiful day (Saturday) and people want to get out and have a great time, but the images I saw, we can’t have that right now. It (COVID-19) is still a deadly virus.”

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders was also disappointed with the ignorant crowds, saying public drinking was a large part of the problem.
“A lot of complaints were coming in from the residents, people urinating, people defecating on their properties,” Saunders said in a television interview. “When you’ve got an elderly woman opening the door and seeing someone defecating, it is quite bothersome.”

You’re so much better than this, Toronto. Even Doug Ford knows that.

Even When You’re Isolated You’re Still Out In The World, Councillor Hot Mic

Update: If you don’t feel like watching or skimming five hours of meeting for 30 seconds of action, you can watch just the fun part here.

So remember the olden days of a few months ago when we all had to do things like deal with people in person and we, at least the functional ones among us, had to kind of be careful about what we said? Things are a little different now, but that bit about watching what we say still applies. Unfortunately, about four hours into this video, somebody forgets that. Extra unfortunately, that person happens to be a city Councillor in the middle of a meeting.

A St. Albert city councillor has apologized for saying he was going to “f—ing vomit” while unknowingly unmuted during the city’s first-ever digital public hearing held over Zoom Tuesday evening.
Rachel Vincent, a St. Albertan of 42 years, had just finished speaking about how she thinks a redistricting application for Averton Homes’ Midtown development in South Riel would damage St. Albertans’ quality of life.
“In fact, it looks like a ploy to bamboozle the public, and push through an unpopular development which can only damage the quality of life of so many St. Albert residents,” said Vincent during her allotted five minutes, referencing a peer sun shadow study the city commissioned.
After Vincent finished her sentence, Watkins could be heard saying: “Oh god, I’m going to f—ing vomit.”

“Excuse me?” Vincent responded after he made the comment. When Watkins didn’t respond, she told him he needed to mute his mic, and finished her presentation.

Councillor Watkins later apologized, saying that he was frustrated with several things including isolation, the issue at hand and Zoom.

I’m sure most of us can relate, but maybe a good rule of thumb might be to do our best to treat online life like real life. Basically, act like you’re always unmuted.

Local Irony Tag Wonders Where It’s Supposed To Send Its Garbage Now

Old story alert, but I believe that it is still worth noting that the city of Edmonton was forced to shut down its fancy composting facility because the roof rotted. What caused that, you may ask. Well, that would be the effects of composting, natch.

The city announced Wednesday that, effective immediately, the Edmonton Composting Facility is ceasing operation and shutting down due to the roof being structurally unsound.

The facility, which opened in 2000 and was considered state-of-the-art at the time, was the largest of its kind in North America by volume and size, according to the city. But the heat and chemicals from the aerobic composting process has caused the roof to rot away.

Netflix Is About To Nuke Your Account If You Haven’t Been Using It

I have no idea who has Netflix and isn’t watching it right now, but if you happen to fall into that group or know someone who might, this seems like a thing you’re going to want to know.

In a very uncommon move by a subscription-based service, Netflix announced Thursday that it will begin canceling the accounts of users who have not watched anything on the platform for a year since they joined, as well as anyone who hasn’t used the service in two years. The company said it will begin sending these subscribers emails and in-app notifications this week giving them the chance to keep their accounts active, but if they don’t receive a response, those accounts will automatically be deactivated.
The good news is that if a user does decide that they’d rather reactivate their account, they can do so within 10 months and still have access to their profile data.

The company is framing the move as a way to help people save money. A nice thing to do I suppose, but also a weird one when the core of your business is based on getting people to pay you subscription fees. It’s an easy thing for Netflix with its 183 million subscribers to do, perhaps, but I’m still struggling to understand the point of them doing it. Unless the idea is to stop dinging people who have died which would be pretty cool actually, why not keep taking the money and pumping it into improving the service? It’s not a company’s job to make sure I pay attention to the things I sign up for. Besides, if I can get away with not paying attention to stuff like that for a year or two, I must be in a decent place financially. It’s either that or I’m a foolish fool and I deserve to fund the film and television industries through my negligence. Or maybe I’m dead. There’s always still that. But if that’s what it is, it would be nice if Netflix would just say so because without that bit of explanation this feels hollow or like there’s an ulterior motive. Big corporations don’t give up money just because. Maybe Netflix is the exception to the rule, but for now I’m sitting here waiting for another bad publicity filled shoe to drop. That, by the way, is totally sad. But it’s how the world usually works, unfortunately. Thanks, big corporations.

AT Least Buy Me Dinner First?

Brad sent this. First I laughed like everyone else, but then the video ended before we found out if she ever figured out where to put it and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I may have to look up it…look it up. I said look it up.

I’m sure everyone at one time or another has watched Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire. I loved this show growing up. I remember watching and playing it with everyone from my immediate family to the grandparents and some friends. I think we even had a CD ROM with it on when we got our first computer that wasn’t a 1970’s-issue electronasaurus. I’ll admit I lost a lot of interest in the show when Regis Philbin left. Meredith was ok, but lets be realistic, she was no Regis.

Over the years, they’ve asked all kinds of questions on there, some fairly simple and some not. Some were downright strange, and many were common sense things, but out of all of the ones I can remember, this one here is definitely my favourite.

But you’re right. You can’t.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Makes You Sink Your Kia Van

People really can’t handle spiders, can they?

The woman told a state trooper she was trying to back her Kia van down the Neel’s Landing Boat Launch to put her kayak in the river when a spider jumped in her lap.
Naturally, she jumped out of the van. The van then rolled into the river, the Georgia State Patrol said.
The agency sent a trooper to the boat launch in the western part of Bartow County near Kingston. By the time the trooper arrived, the van had long slipped out of sight.
“She stated that it floated downstream a few feet,” a GSP spokesman said. “And within seconds, it was totally submerged.

The woman’s insurance company is now stuck having to pay for a dive team to find the thing and then tow it out of the river. I’m sure they’re thrilled. They will be when her premiums mysteriously go up, at any rate.

Too Distracted By Your Phone To Drive Properly? There’s An App For That, Because That Makes A Lot Of Sense

New app targets distracted drivers with traffic alerts
Maybe I’m the idiot here, but it strikes me that the only app we should need to tackle distracted driving is one called the power button that shuts the fucking phone off while you’re driving because clearly you don’t have enough self control built in. Instead of piling distractions upon distractions, maybe just set the eyes in your big, stupid head to watch the road mode and the problem would take care of itself. Technology is not always the solution to our problems, especially when they’re problems created by the very same technology.

The app “TravelSafely” sends warning signs right to your smartphone for everything from your speed in a school zone to a light that’s about to change.

“It’s all built around safety,” Jeff Wilson, regional sales manager of Applied Information, said. “It takes approximately 3 seconds before the light changes and the motorist is going to get an alert to get ready for green.”
The new app targets distracted drivers who could be distracted by texting or talking.

It can even tell if you are about to strike a pedestrian and vice versa – it enables cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to know when a vehicle is approaching.

If You’ve Ever Wondered What A Dickhead Sounds Like

This audio is about a year old, but it’s the first time I’ve actually heard one of these douche lords calling 911 to complain about an Amber Alert alarm.

I commend the restraint of the police service. Were I them I’d have used the system’s tracing capabilities to find this rump pumpkin’s house, remove his skull from his rectum and then cave it in. Fucking asshat.

“Niagara emergency, do you need police or ambulance?” the dispatcher asks on the recording.
“I want to know who the hell is sending these alerts out,” the man says. “What right do you have to send an alert out to Niagara Falls, wake me up at five o’clock in the f–king morning?”

The dispatcher replies that the message was to help find a missing child.
“I don’t give a shit! OK?” the man bellows. “Are you out of your mind?”

The Conservative Leadership Race Just Got Interesting

Not really at least not yet, but it sure sounds like Bryan Adams (yes, that Bryan Adams) is gearing up for a run. Based on his first campaign speech, he appears to be trying to split the Derek Sloan vote.

View this post on Instagram

CUTS LIKE A KNIFE. A song by me. Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some fucking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus. My message to them other than “thanks a fucking lot” is go vegan. To all the people missing out on our shows, I wish I could be there more than you know. It’s been great hanging out in isolation with my children and family, but I miss my other family, my band, my crew and my fans. Take care of yourselves and hope we can get the show on the road again soon. I’ll be performing a snippet from each album we were supposed to perform for the next few days. X❤️ #songsfromisolation #covid_19 #banwetmarkets #selfisolation #bryanadamscutslikeaknife #govegan🌱

A post shared by Bryan Adams (@bryanadams) on

In case this ends up deleted, here’s what he said.

CUTS LIKE A KNIFE. A song by me. Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some fucking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus. My message to them other than “thanks a fucking lot” is go vegan. To all the people missing out on our shows, I wish I could be there more than you know. It’s been great hanging out in isolation with my children and family, but I miss my other family, my band, my crew and my fans. Take care of yourselves and hope we can get the show on the road again soon. I’ll be performing a snippet from each album we were supposed to perform for the next few days. X❤️

Clearly some work on messaging is needed. That vegan stuff isn’t likely to play well in Alberta. The casual racism and unhinged conspiracy peddling is decently crafted, however.

He has since apologized…sort of. He didn’t explain how popping off like a crazy person is supposed to promote veganism and the unproven man-made virus stuff is still just hangin’ out there, but it’s something, I guess.

INTO THE FIRE. Title track from the same album. Apologies to any and all that took offence to my posting yesterday. No excuse, I just wanted to have a rant about the horrible animal cruelty in these wet-markets being the possible source of the virus, and promote veganism. I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic around the world. Here’s the appropriately titled song that would have been performed tonight at the @royalalberthall .

I doubt that this is going to ruin the guy, but it certainly goes to show how easy it can be to undo decades of good work. There’s nothing wrong with having a rant or venting or whatever you want to call it, but sometimes it’s good to keep that stuff off of the public internet. Just because you have thoughts and the technological ability to transmit them to the entire world doesn’t always mean you should. That goes for everyone, famous or not.