A Somewhat Negative Wrestling Notepad

Finally watched the Crockett Cup. Not a bad way to spend a few hours. Two most notable things for me were the tag team battle royal where one half of a team getting tossed didn’t eliminate the whole team (it should always be that way because it’s less clunky and more suspenseful) and the main event between Aldis and Scurll. A fine match with a good story that they managed to build up better in one series of short videos than WWE often does in weeks of television. I was even ok with the finger breaking stuff that I usually can’t stand because it kind of played into the finish with Aldis having to overcome it to keep his hold on to finally win.

I’ve learned a couple of things from the Raw after Summerslam.

  1. When they want to, WWE can still figure out how to beat a new guy without hurting him. Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre was a very good match that either guy could have believably won by the end.
  2. Bobby Roode and No Way Jose both still work here.

King of the Ring is coming back. I should care because I like tournaments, but when was the last time WWE did anything of value with somebody who won one?

GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! SHANE MCMAHON IS BACK! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! WHY DID I HAVE TO BE RIGHT?! You just know he’s going to fuck Kevin Owens out of the King of the Ring after that passionate speech about how much winning would mean to him and this fucking feud will have to fucking continue! Fucking fuck!

Oh christ. It just keeps getting better. Kevin Owens, fighting babyface and superstar wrestler, gets fined $100,000 for beating up Summerslam official Elias and freaks out because it’s taking away his children’s future and the down payment on a house. I don’t know who looks worse when WWE does shit like this. Owens for not being careful with his money because the perception people have is that athletes and international television stars are supposed to be well off financially, or WWE the billion dollar corporation for not paying its workers fair wages. Either way it’s bush league shit and it’s quite tempting to turn this show off right now and never return. Maybe I wouldn’t be so mad if it didn’t involve Shane McMahon, but I’m not even sure about that because Owens just finished telling us that he signed with the company 5 years ago. Like dude. You’ve been here for 5 years and 100 grand is going to screw up your whole life? You either need a better financial advisor, a better agent or both. I’m seething right now. It’s not healthy.

At least Owens went backstage and decided fuck it, broke some stuff in Shane’s office and told him to tack on another 5 thousand. That’s something, I guess.

And then he lost to Samoa Joe thanks to Elias playing heel referee. Wouldn’t want the fans to blow out their throats cheering too loudly for someone.

Two nights in a row they fairly successfully pulled off the bigger star beats new guy thing. Buddy Murphy put in a really good showing against Roman Reigns. I didn’t like this one as much as Drew and Cedric on Raw, but I’ve got no complaints. I just hope that this leads to something for Murphy once the who is trying to kill Roman story runs its course.

Sort of on that subject, I liked the Murphy match and he had another good one with Ziggler on Raw, but when is Roman going to show some vulnerability to make it appear like maybe the attacks and having to look over his shoulder are getting to him? He has back and forth matches with guys all the time, so if Dolph almost pinning him a few times is supposed to count, it’s not working for me. This is one of the few times when WWE’s love of distraction finishes would actually make sense, and here they are not doing any.

I’m usually in the camp that thinks Samoa Joe loses too much, but this is one case where I wouldn’t have minded if he had. Cesaro probably could have used the win more, but they never seem to have any sort of plans for the guy so ultimately I think they did make the right choice. Super fun match regardless and a good way to try to get me to have faith in King of the Ring.

Has anybody else wondered how there always seems to be camera crews filming whenever and wherever something happens with the 24/7 title?

Kevin Owens is back to whining about his $100,000 fine again and begging Shane to reconsider. He’d better have some sort of plan for when Shane inevitably turns him down or he’s going to look like the biggest geek that ever geeked. No, don’t even try coming at me with Mike Kanellis. I’ll give you that poor Mike may have technically been buried further underground more quickly, but he’s a heel that loses all the time, not a multi-time champion, main event wrestling, straight shooting heroic babyface.

Rowan suddenly has his first name back.

Wow. Buddy Murphy just beat Daniel Bryan. Did not expect that. And here I was thinking that they needed to be careful with him because losing good matches and getting roughed up backstage makes for a character with a very short shelf life. Not sure what you do from here (Have him beat Rowan next?), but I’ll take this for now.

Yup, geek. Not only does Owens apologize, but then he gets caught in the very obvious Shane is all of a sudden a referee so he can’t be touched or Kevin gets fired setup and then gets fast counted out of the King of the Ring. This damn feud is right back where it started and one of my favourite wrestlers in the entire company looks like a humongous idiot. Can I have All Elite Wrestling now?

Did not see Ricochet beating Drew in KOTR. I kind of figured the Raw side would come down to Drew and Alexander. Very fun match though.

But why does Ricochet need to be cutting promos? I’ll answer my own question. He doesn’t. He’s one of the most athletically spectacular guys to come along in years. He should be doing his talking that way for the most part especially because whether it’s the WWE style of dialogue or something else, he’s just not very good at all. I’d almost go as far as to say that his microphone self is the opposite of his in-ring self.

What a stupid ass finish to the Braun and A.J. match. Since when can a referee call what he hears rather than what he sees? If they wanted to go with Styles fakes being hit by the chair and the ref sees the evidence and DQ’s Strowman that’s fine, but actually having him yell that he heard the chair shot and then having the announcers play it up? Ridiculous. Raw wasn’t even all that bad this week, but the last impression I’m left with is that WWE is so dumb and that I’m dumb for watching it.

Nothing at all against Ali, but he’s done nothing for months while Buddy Murphy is involved in a major story with two former world champions and just pinned one of them last week. Why is he losing in King of the Ring?

Corey Graves just informed me that in his opinion, “Randy Orton’s venom has permiated the psyche of Kofi Kingston.” No, I don’t know why everyone hates the commentary either. Complete mystery.

Would love to see Benjamin and Gable get more time to have a match than the few minutes they got on Smackdown. I liked what they did, but I know they have a lot more in them.

Donovan Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee from the August 28th NXT was pretty great. It’s not every day you see guys that size doing frigging Fosbury flops and top rope Spanish flies. Maybe we need a 305 Live.

Pretty sure the one I just watched vs. Alexander as part of King of the Ring is the best Corbin match I’ve seen since his NXT days when they all went like 15 seconds.

Really, how hard is this? If the finish of Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet is in dispute to the point where the ref has to make a big show of putting on a headset and talking to other officials backstage without getting a resolution, why wouldn’t you restart the match? They restart matches far less important than this one all the time. What is this we’ll make a ruling soon shit? Either the match gets done over or it’s a draw and both guys are out.

And what a ruling they made. Rather than restarting the match or doing it over again next week, we’re getting a triple threat match in an 8 man, 1-on-1 single elimination tournament. Like they literally chose the most unfair option they could have. Stupid crap like this up and down every show honestly does make me wonder if the goal is to create the least enjoyable product possible. If so, it’s working. I enjoy a lot of the talent in WWE, but it’s very hard for me to actually enjoy WWE as a whole anymore. I’m mostly watching out of habit, because it’s what the fan friends I still have left watch and because you almost have to watch it if you want to keep up with what the biggest player in the industry is doing. They don’t do everything wrong, but so much is just so bad and so useless and so hard to watch.

WWE has wasted all sorts of people’s ability over the years, but for me Shelton Benjamin is among the most criminal.

Was fun seeing Stone Cold on raw, but it’s also a little sad. He hasn’t been a regular on TV since 2003 and yet he’s still the most over guy in the company. That’s obviously part nostalgia and part him always having been awesome, but it also shows that WWE has forgotten how to make stars. Rock and Austin are extremely special talents, but who, in the years since they left, has even come close to becoming as beloved as either of them? Maybe Cena, but even that’s different. Popular as he was, half the fans fucking hated him for years. And now even he’s pretty much gone. The next closest thing is Roman Reigns, but the only reason he isn’t being booed out of buildings anymore is because he legitimately could have died of a horrible disease. And even Reigns isn’t in the same league as Cena among people who do like him. You could argue Daniel Bryan, but I’d counter that he’s mostly been popular in spite of WWE, not because of it. Literally there’s nobody that WWE has gone out of its way to nurture and protect who could carry the company today. It sucks.

If they have to do this stupid triple threat for the spot in the KOTR final, should it not at least be an elimination match instead of one fall finishes it?

Add Ricochet to the long list of dumb babyfaces. Joe has Corbin outside the ring trying to choke the life out of him so he won’t be a factor in the match for a while, and here comes this dumbass diving onto both of them and breaking it up even though the match can’t end by submission outside the ring. What an idiot.

And of course Corbin wins in the end by tossing Ricochet and stealing his pin. At least he didn’t *get* pinned, I suppose.

I’ll be fair. Other than the fact that it took place to begin with and that one stupid spot, I liked the match.

Speaking of imbeciles, Michael Cole just explained that Truth would have to defend the 24/7 title at Clash of Champions this Sunday because every title is on the line. Does anyone ever go back and listen to the announcing on these damn shows? Even after all these years and loads of evidence to the contrary, a foolish, hopeful part of me still can’t believe that they actually want it to be this bad.

I don’t even know what to make of this silly Kevin Owen’s Shane McMahon business anymore. Elias is hurt and is out of the King of the Ring, so Shane takes his place against Chad Gable. He tells Owens that he’s been thinking about this fine and that he’ll give Kevin a job in exchange for maybe taking it off the books. If he referees the match “correctly,” it’s as good as gone. So Kevin does, but the first thing he does is fast count Shane so Gable wins in seconds. Then Shane makes it 2 out of 3 falls, and suddenly Owens has a change of heart and is acting as blatantly heel as he can. He’s taking forever to count Gable’s pins and quick counting for Shane even though he’s not happy about it. But then he stops Shane from using a chair, Gable catches Shane in an ankle lock, Shane taps out and Owens calls for the bell and Shane loses. So now is Owens a proud face again or is he trying to protect Shane from having his leg torn off? And if he is a face again, why not ignore that tap for a few seconds as revenge? But before we have time to think about any of this, Owens starts pleading his case saying that he did everything he could as if that makes any sense and then Shane attacks him and fires him as the show goes off the air. The hell is any of that, and how and why am I supposed to give a fuck about it?

Feeling a little bummed watching the last 1 hour NXT. I’m happy for everybody who gets to wrestle for a bigger audience and likely make more money, but I stand by what I said before. Even if the new show is great, it doesn’t need to be longer.

Not sure who thought the best way to get everyone and especially the hometown fans excited about Cedric Alexander would be to trot him out on the preshow and have A.J. Styles beat the crap out of him for the better part of 5 minutes (he even pulled him up from a pin as if he were some jobber from the 80s) before pinning him clean and then beating him up more afterwards, but I’m certain that person is a moron.

I knew they’d go the predictable route and have Braun and Seth lose the tag belts thanks to bumbling babyface miscommunication, but the part of me that still has faith for some reason was hoping that they would win, then Braun would beat Seth for the Universal belt and they could then feud over that while still successfully getting along as tag champs. You know, because at the end of the day they’re babyfaces and babyfaces can sometimes disagree but are ultimately good people who are able to see past themselves and do what’s right to protect something important. Yes, I too am a moron.

I’m not saying Charlotte should have won (she absolutely shouldn’t have if we’re supposed to take Bayley seriously), but this here 4 minute match in front of her hometown crowd rubbed me the wrong way after the Alexander thing from earlier. I liked Bayley pulling out the win and running away even though Bayley as a heel is still weird to me, but this was something that felt better suited for free TV rather than a PPV. I realize the Network changes things somewhat, but I still believe that if you’re going to ask people to pay for something that it should be different from and generally better than what’s available for free.

I’ve been meaning to ask. Did I miss something or did Nikki and Alexa suddenly become babyfaces a month ago without any sort of explanation? I reserve the right not to be annoyed by that if Alexa turns on her the second they lose the belts because at least it would kind of pay off the story they had started telling.

Oh wow! A 2 night draft on Raw and Smackdown in October! I can’t wait! It’s going to be so awesome when they forget all about any semblance of brand exclusivity after like 3 weeks like they always do! Things are changing! Big changes! For real this time!

Wait wait wait. So in the last few weeks we’ve had a referee disqualifying somebody based on sounds he thought he heard, and now a referee that got hit by a chair and has been out cold for what seems like an hour and a half disqualifying Becky? He’s unconscious! How is he ruling on anything? Why are the announcers explaining this to us? Who is making these decisions if not the dead referee?

Thank god Kofi won. They spent so much time having Orton pound into our heads that Kofi is stupid and not ready to be champion that I was worried they’d prove it. Match damn near put me to sleep, though. How did we go from all of the fights on TV and the involvement of family to your standard, boring Orton match?

Cool to see Luke Harper again. I’ve missed him. Hopefully his coming out to help Rowan means we’re getting the Bludgeon Brothers back.

Dude. How is Braun hitting a top rope splash not the finish? Feels like such a waste of a fairly impressive thing I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Seth wins. This is good because it keeps him looking like a strong champion, but even though Braun looked like the monster he’s supposed to be, how many times can we beat him in big matches before it doesn’t matter when he wins?

And here’s the Fiend to lay out Seth. I guess that means he’s getting the next title match? Seems a little early to me.

If you need a watch or don’t watch on Clash of Champions, I’ll give it a don’t watch. It wasn’t awful, but it felt like your average fairly boring Raw with a half hour overrun. Seth and Braun was easily my favourite match of the night and you might like Becky and Sasha aside from the silliness with the referee, but you don’t need to go out of your way to see this one unless you have time for which you can find no better use.

Leave It To The Bloc Québécois To Get Us Stoked For A Federal Election

It doesn’t exactly sport a whole lot of words, but the Bloc Québécois’ campaign song will at least get you pumped up for something unlike that garbage Conservative one. If somebody wanted to tell me it was blaring in a war room, I might even believe him.

How Was Everyone’s Summer?

Serious question. How in the hell is it Seppa-tebby-tebby already? No, scratch that. How are we already half way through it? I’ve learned especially in the last few years that what older people have always said to me about each year going faster than the last is true. 2019 is absolutely the fastest one yet. It doesn’t even feel like it’s really gotten started and yet here we somehow are, three months from the end of it.

Hopefully you all got to enjoy your summer, quickly as it may have gone. We certainly tried to get the most out of ours.

Here’s a crazy stat. In the entire month of August, there were only two days that belonged completely to us. Anything that wasn’t a work day involved us either being somewhere or someone being here. June and July were only slightly less insane. And we didn’t even see everyone we would have liked to! But it was good to catch up with some people we don’t see often and everything was fun aside from that one funeral, so I won’t complain.

I won’t run through everything we did (even I don’t care enough about me to want to read that), but here are some highlights so that I’ll be able to remember them later.

We went to a few good shows, but that’s not really out of the ordinary for us. We go to lots of stuff, so much that I hardly ever write about it anymore. The out of the ordinary part is that we got to see this much good music in the summer. I find things tend to slow down a bit this time of year, so this was kind of cool.

  • First up was a show called Songs and stories. It was an all acoustic show that featured Art Alexakis from Everclear, Chris Collingwood from Fountains of Wayne, Max Collins from Eve 6 and John Wozniak the Marcy Playground guy. It ruled. I liked all of those bands growing up (especially Marcy and Fountains) and it was neat to see and hear them in a different environment than normal. Each guy did a set of his own songs mixed in with all of them playing covers together all topped off by a Q and A at the end where each ended up playing even more songs. My major takeaway is that I could listen to Woz play all night long and I hope I get the chance to do that one day.
  • Lowest of the Low was a good show screwed up by bad sound. Not sure what was going on, but when it’s hard to understand the words to songs you know by heart, something ain’t right. Still glad I went, though. For a while there they were kind of like the Barenaked Ladies used to be.
  • A collection of random blues dudes at a bar in Kingston because our friend Barb is a friend of one of them and got invited to sing a few songs. It was free, but they were definitely good enough that I’d have paid for it if asked. They had a guest sitting in playing a Hammond B3 organ (or a ham and beef organ if you’re Carin), so that was extra nice. I love that sound.
  • Kim Mitchell outside at Victoria Park. I hadn’t seen him before. Don’t ask me how. It was definitely worth the wait, and a good reminder that I need to try to be around for Bluesfest more often because it’s fun.
  • 54-40. Another band I somehow hadn’t seen before now. Hell of a show. They’re one of those bands where you go in knowing that you know like 100 songs, and then come out realizing that it’s actually closer to 115.

I was even involved in a concert of my own at the start of August.

One of the coolest things we did was go busking while we were in Kingston. The aforementioned Barb has her busking permit and decided that the four of us (her, her boyfriend, Carin and I) were going to go out and sing during a street festival. It was awesome. The two of us have played music together a few times, but never like this. It was so much fun and I wish there were recordings. I often don’t like the sound of my own voice even though everyone else seems to, but even I was impressed. The public must have been too since we made a couple hundred bucks in about three hours and got asked a few times if we had studio recordings people could check out. Would love to do that again sometime.

Another major highlight of the season is that at long last, after a big round of system maintenance in July, the frigging website finally works properly again! Thank the sweet baby Jesus! The problems ended up being out of my hands like I suspected, but that hadn’t stopped me from trying absolutely everything I could think of to make things better. So if you happen to know anyone who stopped coming here because of all the damn errors and general wonkiness, let them know it should be safe to come back. Beg them to, if you must. I’m sick of looking at some of these sad ass hit counts.

If I have more to say I’ve forgotten it, so I’m going to go for now. Enjoy whatever might be left of the summer-like days. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Queen Elizabeth Way Too Much Stuff In Your Car

I can think of more than one person in my family who has either definitely or quite probably done either this or something similar, but never somewhere as busy as the QEW.

Yeah this really happened I front of me

Posted by David Fafinski on Thursday, May 2, 2019

A baffling display of driving was caught on video late last week, with a driver carting a load of wood on the QEW with the rear doors of their car wide open.
In a video posted on Facebook by David Fafinski, the driver can be seen on the highway near the Red Hill Valley Parkway, heading toward the Burlington Skyway bridge. 
In addition to the open back doors poking into adjoining lanes, the car’s trunk is also propped open, with what looks like a piece of furniture sticking out.

News Flash Morons: I’m In Jail

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these. And news flash morons: it’s still just as bad an idea as it was the last time I did. Also, the saying long arm of the law exists for a reason.

Jessie Dean Kowalchuk has been transported back to Kamloops from Edmonton  to face a judge for three charges of breach of probation stemming from three separate files in 2015.
Last December, Kowalchuk saw his photo being circulated by Kamloops media outlet CFJC Today as part of a weekly Most Wanted segment, said Kamloops RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jodi Shelkie.
He then sent a direct message on Facebook to CFJC Today.
“News flash morons: I’m in Edmonton and not coming back,” said Kowalchuk in part of his message, which was given to CBC by the RCMP. 
“The tone of his message was very derogatory stating that the RCMP had missed the ball, because he’d been living in Edmonton for three years,” said Shelkie.

‘News flash morons, I’m in Edmonton’: Wanted B.C. man arrested after revealing location to media
Kamloops RCMP had his 3 outstanding warrants extended to Alberta

Are You Showering? ‘Cause We Are!

Holiday Inn owner ditching mini shampoos to cut plastic pollution
Chain uses an average of 200 million bathroom miniatures every year

I’m cool with helping the environment, but this story is failing to answer a very important question. What are we doing about contamination? Switching to bulk-size toiletries only works if it means that multiple guests are going to be using the same ones, and that I’m not so sure I’m cool with. Other people are gross, and some of them aren’t very nice. Lord only knows what someone might slip into those shared shampoo bottles either out of malice or because they think they’re funny, and I doubt folks are going to be beating down your door to pay $100 a night to use soap coated in stranger pubes and ass shrapnel.

The fight to save the seas from plastic waste may mean the end for mini bottles of shampoo and other toiletries that hotel guests love to stuff into their luggage.
The owner of Holiday Inn and InterContinental Hotels said Tuesday that its nearly 843,000 guest rooms are switching to bulk-size bathroom amenities as part of an effort to cut waste. The transition is due to be completed in 2021.
“Switching to larger-size amenities across more than 5,600 hotels around the world is a big step in the right direction and will allow us to significantly reduce our waste footprint and environmental impact as we make the change,” said InterContinental Hotels Group chief executive Keith Barr.
IHG, which uses an average of 200 million bathroom miniatures every year, said customers expect them to act responsibly.

A Horrible Choice With A Song To Match

Behold the federal Conservative party’s official campaign song.

Awful, isn’t it? And I’m not just saying that because it’s a Conservative song and I’m not a Conservative voter. It really is bad.

You hire Jim Vallance, who helped Bryan Adams write some of his most famous and well loved works, and this is what you get? Dude. If I was a party supporter as it’s claimed he is, I’d at least make it sound like I put in two minutes worth of effort for whatever they’re paying me. Shit, I’d try harder than this for free. Jesus fuck.

The entire thing, as best I can tell, consists of the words “brand new day/a better way/it’s time for you to get ahead. It’s your choice/let’s hear your voice/it’s time for you to get ahead”, some dudes saying “woe o o o” and a girl yelling “yeah yeeeeeaaaaaaah!” now and then set to generic rock music straight out of 1985. Although to be fair, it’s surprisingly modern. I expected them to pick something out of 1895 so it would match most of their values.

The reasoning behind original campaign music is sound, I’ll give them that. Saves them the trouble and embarrassment of being repeatedly told to stop using songs by artists who don’t want to be associated with what they stand for. But lordy lou, fellas. This one isn’t going to inspire anyone under the age of 53 to do much of anything. And anyone older than that is more likely to turn the channel in search of some Buddy Holly or yell at you and your little friends to keep the noise down than actually sing or groove along.

Harrison said the Conservatives have ‘Get Ahead’ blaring in their war room at all hours of the day.
“We all seem to just enjoy it more and more with every play,” Harrison said. “We certainly hope Canadians will feel the same.”

No. Seriously. Nobody can like this song. It’s impossible. And it is not blaring in your war room at all hours. That’s the first blatant lie of the campaign. Even you guys have to know that that would contravene at least one cruel and unusual punishment law.

If AT First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again…

It looks like we’re about to enter official election season in Canada, which raises a very important question.

What is John Turmel doing?

He’s running, of course. This will be attempt number 99. It, as with most of his campaigns the last few years, will be for a seat in Brantford.

If you’d like to get to know your next Prime Minister a little bit better, the CBC has posted a pretty good story on him, his background and his mindset. The biggest loser: John Turmel is making his 99th try for office this fall
‘Quitters never win. Winners never quit.’

Running for office isn’t as difficult as people think, said Turmel.
Elections Canada no longer requires the $1,000 deposit. He travels to his chosen riding once to collect the mandated 100 signatures. If there’s a debate to participate in (or crash), he goes back again.
It requires only a little of his time and none of his money.
“I run a $0 campaign,” said Turmel. “I go to the meetings and I answer calls and I answer the questionnaires. But I don’t spend money on a long shot. The payoff isn’t good enough.”
He said he doesn’t even watch the results on election night. 
“I usually wait until the next day to find out what happened. It really doesn’t matter which of the lesser politicians wins,” he said. “These are pretty mediocre people that you find running in elections. ‘Slows’. You almost never run into a ‘quick.'”
Turmel said he is hoping to build a coalition of small parties who will support his vow to abolish interest fees.
But his belief in his own intellectual superiority (his website URL is smartestman.ca) and his status as a climate change denier, anti-vaxxer, 9/11 conspiracy theorist and true-believer in the virtues of drinking urine probably preclude a wider political movement.

You Just Can’t Trust Anybody Nowadays

William Kelley left the keys to his truck on the seat of that very same truck. Naturally, somebody came along and took it. Also naturally, Kelley called the local police to report the theft. But of course, since you’re here, it turns out that Kelley forgot to consider one little thing before he did so.

Stolen Pick-up Truck

On 8-25-2019 at about 6:00AM, KPD responded to the area of the 500 block of E Bruneau for an auto theft that had just occurred. The owner of the vehicle, William Kelley, was reporting that someone just stole his red 1992 Chevy pickup with maroon canopy, WA license B96531X. He had left his keys on the seat. A male riding a 10-speed rode by and discovered the keys and then threw his back bike in the bed of the truck and fled. Video was obtained of the incident and a new fact was discovered. Kelley was at the location because he was stealing items from a business across the street. Kelley was booked into the jail in the AM hours on a warrant and subsequently a new charge of Burglary was added. Kelley's vehicle has still not been located. Any assistance with locating the truck or the identify the car thief, please call KPD reference case number 19-33651.

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Sunday, August 25, 2019

When police looked at surveillance video from nearby, they saw a male riding by on his bicycle throw his bike in the back of the truck and take off, with Kelley giving chase.
Then, police wrote in a Facebook post, “a new fact was discovered.”
They could also see from the video that a business across the street had been burglarized. They said Kelley was the suspect.

Kelley was arrested and charged with burglary in addition to the warrant he was also hauled in on.

Police are still looking for his truck and the person who drove off in it.

Scary Father And The Disappearing Literature

It’s sad that a lover of one series of fictional storybooks containing all sorts of weird magic would be so hard on another series of fictional storybooks containing all sorts of weird magic, but here we are.

A Catholic school in Tennessee has removed the Harry Potter books from its library after the school’s priest decided they could cause a reader to conjure evil spirits.
In an email obtained by The Tennessean, the Rev. Dan Reehil of Nashville’s St. Edward Catholic School said he consulted exorcists in the U.S. and Rome who recommended removing the books.

Reehil wrote, “The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells; which when read by a human being risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text.”
Catholic Diocese of Nashville superintendent Rebecca Hammel said Reehil has the final say at his school.
Hammel said she thinks the books by J.K. Rowling are still on the shelves of other libraries in the diocese.

This seems like it might be a good time to remind you all that these are people responsible for the education of children that are expected to grow up to be reasonable, functioning, adult human beings.

Why are we still taking folks like them seriously?

They are an embarrassment to regular religious people, right?