If You’re Old Or Disabled But Not In A Wheelchair, The City Of Waterloo Will Take You To And From A Vaccine Clinic For Free

Free transportation to COVID-19 vaccination clinics for seniors and adults with disabilities in Waterloo
This is a nice thing that Waterloo is doing and I hope that other cities in the region and beyond will follow suit. But dear god, this one line here.

According to a Thursday news release, the vehicles are not wheelchair accessible.

My only hope is that this program came together extremely quickly and with virtually no notice. Otherwise, what the fuck? How do you offer rides to people with disabilities and then exclude one of the groups that needs them the most? Yes, there are individuals that own their own accessible vehicles, but I don’t think they’re the majority, guys. I’m trying really hard not to be insulted on other people’s behalf because I generally don’t like it when people do that to me, but wow.

If you are able to use the service, it’s set to kick off this coming Monday (March 29th). It will run Monday through Friday between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. They aren’t able to take same day bookings, so once you have your vaccine appointment scheduled, they should probably be your next call. To get in touch with them, call 519-579-6930.

A Funeral Is A Good Excuse To Party! Yeah!

I don’t know who needs to see this, but if ever there comes or has come a time during the pandemic when you and I have a conversation and afterwards you think to yourself geesh, Steve sure seemed annoyed with me when I talked about all the places I’ve been to and I can’t figure out why, well, things like this are why.

A Fleming College student who lived at the Severn Court student residence died Monday after being diagnosed with a COVID-19 variant.
CTV News identified him Wednesday as Zachary Root, a 31-year-old accounting student.
It’s the first death associated with the Severn Court student residence outbreak, the largest COVID-19 outbreak to date in the Peterborough area since the pandemic began.
The man had not attended the Feb. 20 party or parties at the residence that health officials have said led to the outbreak.
“This student did not attend the party yet suffered the worst possible consequence,” medical officer of health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra said in a recording provided by the health unit.
“Peterborough has one more loss of life to COVID to grieve.
“One more reason to mourn, one more reason to strengthen our resolve the share the collective responsibility to practice all of the public health measures that can help keep our community safe.”

I don’t know this guy, but I don’t have to know him to be upset about his fate. What happened here should make everybody angry, because it was almost entirely preventable. Might he have gotten COVID and died at some point anyway? He might have. But it sounds an awful lot like a bunch of healthy people with nothing to worry about are responsible for him getting it through no fault of his own. that’s bullshit and we only have selfishness to blame for it.

The thing that the let me sign a waiver and go on with my life crowd still doesn’t understand is that they aren’t just assuming their own risk. Every time you decide to go to a party or a pub or to the mall for some garbage or other you don’t really need, it has an impact on someone else. You’re not just drinking or smoking too much in your own house on your own time. That’s assuming your own risk and by all means, have at it. You and I have no problem until you decide to get behind the wheel afterwards and go cruising. At that point you’re assuming that I want to take your risk too, and you can’t do that. What we all need to remember here is that what we’re dealing with right now can easily make everything into cruising around wasted. One wrong move and bam, you’ve caused something awful that you can’t undo.

Life is never going to be risk-free, but that doesn’t give anyone license to make it unnecessarily risky for others. These are not normal times, and we aren’t at the point yet of settling on what counts as acceptable risk. We’re getting closer now that we have vaccines, but we can’t even talk about that until the majority has gotten them. Until that happens, the least we can do is be unselfish enough to try not to kill people who didn’t put themselves in harm’s way. Not sure why that’s such a big ask.

I Can See Some ID. Please, Sir

It’s been a while since a fella has given the cops a false name even though his real one is tattooed on his body, but I’ve found another one. It’s one from a couple years back, but since when has that stopped us?

Say hello to Matthew Bushman.

Photo of Matthew Bushman
That’s not my name. I just think it’s cool.

Police were looking to speak to him about a forgery case he may have been involved in. Bushman, who has the words “”Matty B” tattooed on his neck, gave the ones who found him the wrong name and date of birth because yeah, that’ll work.

It didn’t. He was hauled in on an active warrant and charged with obstructing justice.

Dollar Genital

A couple of things here:

  1. If your justification for doing almost anything is I saw it in a porn movie once so thought she might like it, a better justification is probably in order.
  2. Are there a lot of porn movies in which a strange man exposes himself to a mother and her young son in a dollar store? That’s not a trope I’m familiar with.

Photo of Nicholas Charles Sheehy.
An Ottumwa man was arrested at a local dollar store Friday after police say he exposed himself to a woman and her minor son.
The incident was reported to authorities around 3 p.m. Friday at Dollar General on North Quincy Avenue.
Court records state that Nicholas Charles Sheehy, 23, admitted to showing his genitals to the woman and child. Sheehy told investigators he had seen someone do the same thing in a pornographic film, and believed his actions would arouse the woman.

He was charged with one count of indecent exposure.

The Achoo People

Does anybody else think it’s funny that Waterloo Region put one of its COVID vaccination clinics in an old RONA store?

KITCHENER — A COVID-19 vaccination clinic is set to open at the former RONA building on Pinebush Road in Cambridge on Monday.
The building will serve as a new mass vaccination site with up to 40 immunization stations.
Grand River Hospital will run the clinic in partnership with Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

We know a few people who have either gotten their first shots or have appointments to get them soon. It’s going to be a while before my turn comes around, but it’s nice to see it actually happening. Who knows when life will be normal again, but this can only help.

Speaking of my turn, I really wish that every level of government would stop over-promising and talking in absolutes when they speak about timelines. You can’t do that, because none of you has any idea how things are going to go. What happens on paper isn’t always what happens in reality. We’ve already been through this once, but nobody seems to have learned anything from it. I know you’re trying to give people hope, but the fact that people are getting needles should be hope enough. Saying that it’ll be done by such and such a date and then having to walk it back isn’t hopeful. It’s off pissing. Quit it.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Here’s something to think about.

If you drown while running from the police, should your escape attempt be considered a success or a failure?

On one hand they did catch you, especially if they were the ones who pulled you out of the water. But on the other, your aim is clearly to avoid going to jail, and you have absolutely done that.

Perhaps it’s a wash.

And with that insensitive pun out of the way, I shall get up from this computer and go put away the laundry. Wait, make that the wash.

A Ludington man headbutted and shattered a car window before jumping into a bayou while fleeing police after he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife and son, according to a Mason County Press report.
Jeremy Wayne Lindstrom, 44, of Ludington, drowned after jumping into the bayou, police said. A deputy jumped in and brought him back to shore, but Lindstrom was pronounced dead by apparent drowning at a hospital after CPR failed, according to the report. The deputy was uninjured. The water was around 57 degrees.


“Shooting suspects should be considered armed and dangerous”
That’s a simple, right to the point headline, isn’t it?

No, actually.

Whenever I see a headline like that, I can’t help but think no shit. Generally speaking, somebody who is capable of shooting another person is indeed both armed and dangerous. Thanks for the hot tip. I also half expect to read that a new study says that shooters tend to be armed and dangerous, as if we need that.

Cranky guy is kind of being cranky here I know, but if your goal is to warn me about a specific set of shooters, maybe tell me where they were when they started down the road to becoming shooting suspects. That seems somewhat important.

On Second Thought, You Can Keep It

I won’t bother commenting on what this guy did to his grandmother. You shouldn’t need me to. If you don’t know how I feel about that, you’re probably the sort who would do what he did and I have no time to reason with you. I’m just here to find out how common it is to stash money in your underwear. Do people do this? I’ve heard of shoes, socks and bras, but underwear? That’s a new one. If I’m the only one to whom this is new, can we hurry up and get to the completely cashless society I keep hearing about?

Jared Otte, a 19-year-old Memphis resident, entered the 63-year-old victim’s home in late-August and “demanded she give him cash,” according to a complaint affidavit.
Otte’s grandmother told police that when she declined to hand over any money, Otte pushed her onto on the bed and “held her down, raised her dress, and removed $10 from her undergarments.”
The woman, a detective reported, “suffered bruising on her arms and leg during this incident.”

I Think I Know The Answer To Most Of These Questions

What kind of person murders someone? What kind of person thoroughly documents himself murdering someone? What kind of person writes the word “homicide” on the media containing the thorough documentation of him murdering someone? What kind of person drops the media containing the thorough documentation of him murdering someone with the word “homicide” written on it in the damn street?

On September 30, a woman told police she found the memory card in a street in the Anchorage, Alaska, neighborhood of Fairview, reports local news outlet KTUU. The card reportedly held 12 videos and 39 photos that show the progression of a murder.
A charging document states that the videos depict a woman being choked, and a man saying “just … die,” reports the Associated Press. Photos reportedly show the victim’s body on a hotel luggage cart.
On October 2, law enforcement was alerted to remains by the 108 mile marker on Seward Highway. Authorities determined it was the woman who was captured in the videos.

Further investigation identified the man in the videos as Brian Steven Smith, who was already known to police. They were able to link him to a stay in a hotel room that matched the murder scene. They were also able to place him in the area where the body was found through a search of his phone records. At least there was something the guy didn’t record, for crying out loud.

He has since been charged with murder, because duh.