This Might Be Fun….. It Might Not.

Last Updated on: 6th November 2013, 10:14 am

So I was watching the Simpsons last night and one of my favourite episodes was on. It was the one where Bart & Lisa get lost in Atlantic City. I don’t know what it is about that episode since it’s really not the funniest or anything like that but I just really enjoy it and find myself laughing at the smaller details. It’s not outright hilarious but it’s pretty funny all the way through.

So it got me thinking that I should post something about it here. Get you guys to give some feedback on your favourite Simpsons episode, or even moment. Or maybe you have more than one episode that really cracks you up. I mean everyone loves the show so I can’t imagine some of you not having anything to add about the Simpsons.

So comment away. Let’s see what you love about the Simpsons. If nothing else it’ll bring back some humourous memories for everyone reading your thoughts on episodes and moments that we may have forgotten.

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