If There Was a Net God…

Last Updated on: 4th February 2018, 12:52 pm

I read the ten net commandments from the Spyware Weekly Newsletter, and they’re bang on. Anyone who doesn’t already follow these rules should start. I guess I’m partially breaking no. 2, but only in the safest possible way.

Note: When he says every second Tuesday, he means the second Tuesday of every month.

1. Thou shalt not buy merchandise found in pop-up ads or spam.
2. Thou shalt not post thy email address, phone number, address or social security number to the internet, nor shalt thou post anyone else’s.
3. Thou shalt not forget to update thy Windows every second Tuesday.
4. Thou shalt not connect to the internet without installing an antivirus, nor shalt thou begin a scan without checking for updates.
5. Thou shalt not connect to the internet without installing a firewall.
6. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s credit card number, nor his bank routing number, nor his social security number.
7. Thou shalt not enter thy credit card number without seeing the tiny padlock icon on thy status bar.
8. Thou shalt not reply to the email from the Nigerian banker.
9. Thou shalt not forward chain letters to thy friends and family.
10. Thou shalt not use “password”, nor thy birthday, nor thy children’s names, as thy password.

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