Help Me Understand This One

Last Updated on: 17th April 2014, 11:50 am

This doesn’t make any sense. Not one bit. Apparently, a 72-year-old man was assisted off a plane in a wheelchair, and then just left by the curb for 3 days. And it wasn’t just any curb, it was a curb where people come to get cabs, etc.

Ok, I can see where someone could get forgotten by busy staff. Hell, it happens to me all the time on buses, trains, anywhere where I say I need a little help finding a destination and they get distracted. But that’s when you get someone else’s attention. You don’t just sit there whistling a happy tune, thinking dumb-dee-dumb-dee-dumb, they’ll come for me. You get the idea that they’ve forgotten, and you stand up, wave, catch someone’s attention, anything.

Even if this guy couldn’t yell for help or signal for help, which would be pretty unlikely, wouldn’t cabbies, airport personell, somebody, notice he’d been sitting there an awfully long time? He’d start to look like a fixture of the landscape, except this one had soiled himself.

Now the family is saying he suffered a stroke because of his time in the sun, or something to that effect, and the airport staff are as confused as I am. Hopefully someone can make this make sense somehow.

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