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Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 09:43 am

I just saw the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on a TNA program, and as anybody who watches that train wreck from week to week knows, that statement
covers an awful lot of ground.
This might be old news to some of you, but I’m a couple weeks behind on my Impact watching so I didn’t get to see it until right now.

I’ll try to describe this as best I can. Junior Fatu is cutting a backstage promo about his upcoming Fight For The Right tournament match against Robert Roode. It’s a good thing I know what the tournament is called, because Junior cared so much about it that he referred to it as something along the lines of the Right Fight For, Uh Fight To Right. That’s not a quote, but it’s pretty close. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he stumbles over his words a little more, stops for a second, looks to the interviewer and says “What’s that jobroni’s name?” To her credit, she recovers well for somebody who hasn’t been around wrestling that long and plugs the match again to remind him of what he’s supposed to be talking about. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to help, as seconds later poor old Junior loses it again and says that next week he’s going to beat “Rick Rude or Robert Roode or whatever his name is” and go on to face whoever is the champion.

Let’s run down all of the reasons why this was completely retarded and never should have aired.

  • Rick Rude has been dead since 1999.
  • Not knowing the name of the tournament makes you look like an idiot.
  • Not caring what the name of the tournament is makes the company and the title look even worse than you do.
  • Not knowing or caring to get the name of your oponent right makes him look like a geek, which is bad at the best of times but made even worse because the company is actually trying to push the guy.
  • If you don’t care who you’re fighting or why you’re fighting him, why should I?
  • But most of all, this never should have made it to TV because…

  • The fucking show is taped! Yeah, I said taped! And not only is it taped, it’s taped days in advance! There is absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have shot it over again. And even if there was, there’s definitely no reason why somebody couldn’t have looked at it, decided it was not at all what they were looking for and cut it from the broadcast. Maybe it would have been different if The Rock had cut the promo or if it was done in a less bumbling fashion by a heel, but as it is, it accomplished nothing aside from making Robert Roode, Junior Fatu and TNA all come across as bush league which should not be happening when the goal is to build an audience and draw money. Whoever green lit this abortion should be fired, along with whoever’s call it is to cut away from major events like victory celebrations where the crowd is going insane so we can cram in another interview segment.

Between this and some of the other illogical dreck they’ve pulled out of their asses since, they’ve likely pissed away most of the good will and positive press they got from their Bound For Glory pay-per-view, and that’s a shame because that show was good and the praise was deserved. With all of the talent they have, there’s no reason why this company shouldn’t be lighting the world on fire. Unfortunately though, because of the utter incompetence of the writing team, the only fire they’re responsible for is the stuff that comes out of my ears every week when I watch Impact. I hope that management catches on and fixes the problem before it’s too late, but given their track record, I’m not holding my breath.

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