You’ve Got Bills, We’re Multiplyin’?

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2024, 02:07 pm

I know bill collectors can sometimes go to great lengths to get what they’re after,but this right here is a bit much.

Not only did George Herron pull out the old I’ll make your debt disappear if you do something for me line while visiting a woman’s home to discuss a payment, but he then proceeded to go an extra couple miles by pulling out the old something else after he said it so he could show it to the woman and then put her hand on it. When it became clear that she wasn’t down with his plan, an unphased Herron decided that ok, if she’s not going to do it for me, I might as well finish the job myself while I’m here.

As if that weren’t enough, later that night Herron telephoned the same woman and ran his offer bye her again. Surprisingly she still wasn’t interested and police were contacted. Why she didn’t contact them when there was a man firing off his pump action shotgun in her kitchen I have no idea, but better late than never, I guess.

Herron is being held (which he may or may not appreciate) on $10000 bond on charges of criminal sexual conduct and aggravated indecent exposure, both misdemeanors. At this instant he may or may not be finding out what it’s like to be on the other end of the kind of offers he likes to make.

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