Jesse Davidson Dies

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 01:38 pm

Well darn it, I just found out that Muscular Dystrophy finally got Jesse Davidson. He was all over the news. He was the Jesse’s journey guy. He and his dad raised a lot of money and awareness about MD. I’m sure he has left quite a legacy. He lived to be 29, which is pretty impressive for someone with MD from what I understand.

Which reminds me. I have to check on someone I used to talk to who has MD. I hope that news isn’t bad too. I tracked down his parents 3 years ago and asked how he was doing. They said they had to send him to a special hospital because he needed a lot of help with breathing. They gave me his ward number and room number…but it’s hard to get out to a hospital way out on the outskirts of a town 2 hours away without a driver, and I couldn’t find anyone who could do it. He was always on my mind. Part of me hopes he’s still there…but the realistic part of me says I should brace for the worst.

Damn MD. It’s such a merciless disease. I hope that some day, they figure out how to cure it.

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