Long Weekend Audio: What’s…In…The Bag?!

Alrighty! We made this audio last night, but due to some Goldwave operator error, and some knob deciding our server should get wacked around, you guys don’t get to see it until today.

We played a game. And what was that game called? What’s…in…the bag?!

This is probably not a fun game for your kids to play at Halloween…or maybe any time for that matter. Candy from strangers…probably a bad idea. But hey, we lived to tell the tale, so I guess it all turned out fine. Plus we rambled on about some other stuff, as we tend to do. So, have 25 minutes of What’s…In…the Bag?!

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  1. Nice sound effects there guys. Why was the last one different? There was more I wanted to comment on. I should have done it right after the audio finished but I was in the middle of a color change on Amanda’s blanket. Doh! Oh, those peach rings, what are they? They sound delicious. And I won’t try to spell the other candy. I like black licorice. And shrimp.

  2. Heheheh! The last sound effect was that damn Tugboat. We thought it would be funny since he squiggled into bunches of our May audio. Hmmm…they’re like sugary dried things that sorta taste like peeches, bbut more candy than peech. Hehe. Maybe I can try and sneak a pack of ’em into a present…although it may get yoinked by those silly customs folk.

  3. If the American Amazon has them we could send them that way and avoid any mail problems.

    Wow. You like that black junk *and* shrimp? Everybody has their faults, I suppose. Hahaha.

    And yes. I vote that Amanda does a cast for the blanket. Just watch out for tape.

  4. Ah! I thought the sound was familiar. I remembered what I wanted to comment on, the noisy containers. Like B’s cookies that time that woke me up. I think it was cause for a post from the desk of my sleep deprived mind.

  5. Ah yes, the cookies, the legendary cookies. I remember those, and thought about them when Steve said cookies last night. Hey, you know what we need to find? One of those bags of sun chips that was compostable…and noisy as all hell…and have a container noise war. crinkle crinkle little bag.

  6. I’d kinda forgotten about that post until you mentioned it just now, but now I remember it well. Was it one of the first sleep deprived mind posts? that I can’t remember. but Carin is right, it’s the stuff of legends.

    I think they ended up redesigning those chip bags because they got so many complaints about them. They are freakin loud.

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