Kids Reacting To A Rotary Phone

This is something else right here. KIDS REACT TO ROTARY PHONES

The oldest kid in this video is 13, which means he was probably born in 2001 and that…it means that ohmygod they never didn’t have internet and cell phones and I’m seriously friggin old is what it means.

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  1. um eek. That people don’t even know what dial tones are…like come on, those still existed when we had touchtone phones! Hell, I remember the day I heard the dial tone change! I think I wrote about that.

    1. The dial tone thing surprised me some too, since I figured enough people would still have landlines that maybe they’d have heard it. But I suppose if you’re 5 years old and talking about *your* iPhone, maybe it’s not so much of a stretch.

    1. The Kids React thing isn’t a channel to itself I’m pretty sure, but it’s a series we should maybe work up the nerve to watch more of. Could be interesting and sad.

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