Make Me A Bleepity Bleep Bleeping Gift Basket Right The Bleep Now!

Last Updated on: 2nd August 2021, 12:15 pm

The other day, I called Dana Shortt Gourmet to ask them something and I got their voicemail. It started off like a normal voicemail, and then my jaw dropped open when it said something like “Please note that aggressive behaviour towards our staff in person or on the phone will not be tolerated.” That sentence bounced around my head a couple of times, and I was left feeling so sad that they had to leave that on their voicemail. They never had to say that before the pandemic, that’s for sure.

What kind of nutbars are screaming at the folks at Dana Shortt? It’s a place where you buy yummy chocolates and dinners and cookies and olive oils and gift baskets…and nutbars, now that I think about it. It’s not like you’re mad because someone got the last pound of ground beef or the last roll of toilet paper and you’re desperate and stressed. That doesn’t make it any better, but I could see someone at the end of their rope doing or saying something dumb. But this is the place where people go to get cute gifts and yummy treats, and the people who work there are amazing! They have delivered things in a hurry, and gone out of their way to make whatever I ordered be awesome. What the hell is wrong with people that they’re screaming at these sweet workers?

I hope that they have had less absolute jerkbags, but I’m sorry they have had to deal with any of them at all. Now I wish I had a good reason to buy some yummy treats from them, and be the best customer ever, just to try and make up for the hopefully few mean humans who apparently live in this city.

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