Can I Share Your Posts With My Friends?

We’ve been asked this question more than you might think even during times when we’ve used the least obnoxious forms of those obnoxious social media sharing buttons that we can find, so let’s answer it once and for all.

Can you share our posts with your friends, family, message boards, mailing lists, Facebook friends, Twitter followers or whoever else you can think of? Of course you can. Sharing is what the internet is all about. Hell, sharing is basically all we’re doing here anyway. So if we share something with you that you want to share with others, have at it. No need to ask our permission. Spread it far and wide, or just to that one guy you know. The choice is yours. The only thing we ask is that you try to remember to tell those people where you got it so that they can come here and get some of their own, because lots of people coming here to read stuff makes us want to write more of it.

That’s it. Thanks for asking even though you don’t have to, and thanks for reading. Now go share something!