Privacy Policy

Just in case the title didn’t clue you in, this is our privacy policy. We’ll try to keep things as short and as easy to understand as possible.

  1. Sending one of us an email, entering your email address in order to subscribe to a comment thread or subscribing to our daily updates will result in us knowing your email address, but will not result in you being spammed off of the earth. Nobody associated with this site will ever rent, sell or trade your information for beer or baseball cards, nor will we flat out give it away just because we’re feeling generous. We don’t like spam either, so we’ll only use it to give you what you asked for.
  2. Our site uses third party advertisements provided by Google. Google uses cookies to serve these ads. One of These cookies may be used to deliver what Google feels are more relevant ads to you based on visits you make to our site and other sites on the internet. If you would rather Google not place this cookie on your machine, you can opt out by clicking here. Opting out won’t hurt anybody’s feelings, and it won’t prevent you from using our site. You’ll still see ads when you come here, but they’ll be based on the content of this site, not everywhere else you’ve ever been.
  3. We use a service called Clicky Web Analytics in order to track how many of you are coming here and what you’re reading during your stay. For this purpose Clicky will place a unique ID tracking cookie on your machine, but it won’t log anything else about you or what you’re doing online for us. You can see Clicky’s Privacy Policy here.

See, we told you it’d be short.