I’m Such a Slacker

Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:55 pm

I can’t believe I’m doing this. For no good reason, I’m skipping this class. I know that doesn’t seem monumental, but I rarely skip a class unless there’s a reason. But today, I’m just like ah screw it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s cold and I don’t wanna freeze my ass off again. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I think the prof is a weirdo and I’m not really learning much from her anyway. Maybe it’s because after today, I only have 8 more classes of hers to endure before the course is done and I can graduate! 8 of hers and 9 of the other course that is sorta in a shambles…and then it’s all over! Maybe that’s why I don’t care. But at any rate, it feels weird to just sit here and write shit instead of going to class. Weird, but good! Na…I won’t make it a common occurrence. I’ll resist the urge.

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