Brace for Impact!

Last Updated on: 15th June 2022, 02:21 pm

A while back under my post singing the praises of Swiss chalet’s soup, Barbie wondered if it was cuppa soup and I laughed at her. The reason for all that is one day, after eating a simple cuppa soup, I went from normal to absolutely crazily filled with some kind of inhuman energy, and among other things, wrote this piece of complete insanity! Sadly, that was the last thing I wrote for the Ham before I realized that I do not a columnist make, *sorry Roland*, and do better doing things like this. Anyway, it appears that I’ve stumbled upon the same brand of cuppa soup, because here I go again. Brace yourselves, if all goes well, for an absolute barrage o posts. And as I write this, I realize that this will make no sense in the archives because things go backwards. Oh well.

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