Boobytrapped! Update

Last Updated on: 27th March 2014, 02:03 pm

I realize that tomorrow, the original post about this will drift off the main page. So, here’s a link to it again.

I got another email about it. They said they’d seriously look into why OCR software packages, packages that turn the printed word into text, thus into something the computer can read, demand the password and tell me what others can do if they want to read the same things. They even asked me for what package I use. Plus, they said they’d do a better job of describing their images with instructions like, “do like this.” on them. So, there’s hope. Hopefully that wasn’t webmaster speak for, “We’re doing nothing of the sort to change the site, but we’ll tell you we’re working on it so you’ll shut up and go away.” I don’t think so, though.

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