So How’s Trixie Doing Anyway?

Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 12:41 pm

I know there are some people who come to the blog for Trixie updates. I’ve been emailed by a few of them asking for updates on how Trixie is doing. So here’s the first of a few Trixie-related posts.

I think my knee is finally completely healed. I think Trixie is thrilled to be able to motor at full speed. We walked almost all the way downtown, which is almost 2 miles with no ill effects, so I think the knee is finally better.

You know all that stuff about Trixie being an angel? Well, now that she’s gotten to feel more at home, she is less so. Jon can start laughing now. Every time we finish eating, she comes over to where we’ve been, hoping we’ve left her something. She used to stay out of the kitchen. Now, she’s just way too curious. She’s found herself tied down when we’re making food, just to keep her out of trouble.

I’ve found out that thunder storms and fireworks scare the hell out of her. She’ll sit there shaking and panting. They say not to give her any extra attention when she’s scared because then you’re feeding her fears. But it’s really hard to just let her sit there shivering in the corner. I’ve tried getting her to play with toys, but she’ll have none of it. So I just let her shiver. Yep, I’m a heartless bitch. Any suggestions on how to get a dog over fears of things that go boom?

I swear she’s learning the English language! The other day, I randomly said, “Let’s booggy!” and she sped up drastically! I had to laugh. She’s a really smart pooch.

Sometimes, she just does adorable things. Like one day, Steve had just finished eating some Doritos chips, the new Tandoori-flavoured ones, and she licked his hand. This made her snort, fall over, sneeze, and then try to come back for more! Crazy dog!

We’ve started calling her Visa. Why? Because she’s everywhere we want to be. We take a step in one direction, and almost trip over Trixie. Silly girl. I swear she’s not going to know what her name is because I have a list of nicknames for her that is a mile long.

She’s doing really well. It’s really funny to watch her after we’ve been on a long route. She jumps around after we get home, so happy to be home, almost proud of the work she’s done. She’s a great puppy, and she definitely makes life interesting. Never a dull moment with the Trixter, that’s for sure.

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