Do Joo Know Where Juno Came From?

Last Updated on: 26th April 2023, 06:21 am

Apparently, I’m a terminal loser and have been misspelling the name of that damn fake dog. It’s Juno! Woops! I’ve been given a correction!

I’m weird, and think about strange things sometimes. Well, from looking at the blog, I think that’s obvious. Anyway, my newest strange thing I thought about was the fake guide dog, AKA the instructor on the other end of a harness simulating dog movements, and how most schools call it Juno. I wondered where that came from, and how it came to be almost universal.

I turned to google, old buddy, and it didn’t know! So I asked a mailling list I’m on, and I heard something scary. Nobody really knows! The older guide dog users don’t know, the guide dog schools don’t know, nobody knows! It’s just become something that exists, and nobody knows why. I think it’s kind of sad that something that’s a huge part of guide dog training has lost its factual roots.

And then part of me wonders why I bothered to look. It’s simple. I like to know stuff. But this one will stay a mystery. Has anyone been given a reason for the selection of the name Juno?

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