Our New Mattress Has Demons In It!

We finally got a new mattress. woohoo! I don’t know why, but our old mattress, which wasn’t that old, started bothering Steve’s back, and then springs started coming through. Hmmm. I think it’s done its time. Anyway, we got a new one, and it’s pretty sweet. But ever since we got it, I appear to be sleeping too deeply on it, or something. Why do I say that? For three of the four nights I’ve slept on it, I’ve had nightmares!

One night, I dreamed Steve’s mom was kidnapped, sending us secret, coded messages on my cellphone and we were supposed to find her with GPS or something.

Next, I dreamed my mom had died. That one was scary because it started off so realistically. It started with me thinking about the day, and wondering if I’d end up going to the funeral for my mom’s cousin that was supposed to happen for real that day. Then the phone rang, and someone was on the other end saying dad had a message for me. Then there was dad saying that it looked like we would have a couple of funerals to attend now, and telling me that mom had died. Then he started making jokes and something in my brain said very loudly, “this isn’t real!” It’s funny how, even in dreams, sometimes there’s a part of the brain that’s awake.

Then last night I dreamed there was some kind of gathering going on at mom and dad’s house. There were all kinds of people there, including some neighbours who I didn’t know. One of them was kind of creepy. He kept disappearing, and then coming back and telling me he wanted to talk to me. When I’d be alone with him, he would try to tie me up and rape me! I would somehow get away, but he kept coming for me. I told mom what was going on, and asked her to tell him to leave, but she just kept cutting up fruit and said she was busy right now. Then he came out in front of everyone and tried to grab me. I screamed for help, and that’s when the dream ended.

Um, woe. I don’t think I’ve had 3 nightmares in four days in a long time. Hopefully my body gets used to our new mattress soon so I can start having sweet dreams again.

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