Last Updated on: 2nd April 2014, 09:07 am

Remember the GDB blog I was talking about? Well, they’ve been doing something cool. They chose a litter of puppies and blogged about them from when they were a week old until they head off to the puppy raisers, which is now. The puppy truck should be delivering them today. I don’t know how much coverage they’ll get now that they’re all over the wild blue yonder, so if you want to see adorable puppy pictures, go look at the blog and look at all the f chronicals. But you should really look at this post and video! Oooo! I can almost feel their squirming little puppy bodies.

What was really funny was I played this without headphones, and boy did Trixie ever come running. She came right up to the computer, tried to sniff the screen and surrounding area, and then wagged like mad. She especially wagged when the puppy truck guy went “Boop boopy doop!” I wonder if she remembers that voice.

There are so many mysteries for me when it comes to her life before me. A few months ago, we got a Christmas mp3 from GDB staff, and when one of them spoke, Trixie barked, and searched madly for her. I’ve asked everyone I can think of why she would do this, and nobody knows.

So go watch some puppies! They’re so cute!

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