It’s Not Easy Being Green

Last Updated on: 26th September 2022, 04:22 pm

As I said before, my old computer died. So, now I have the task of trying to get its parts recycled properly so they don’t just rot in a landfill spreading all kinds of toxins into the earth. You’d think that in a city that talks up and down about green this and green that that I could find someone who did e-waste disposal. Uh, not so much. Well, that’s not exactly true. I can find a couple of places where you can drop off your dead computer parts, but I’m not exactly going to drive them across the city. but I thought I’d be able to find a few who would come and get it.

First, I asked the guy who I bought my new computer from. He didn’t know. That didn’t worry me too much since he’s not from here. So I talked to another dude who works with computers all the time, and he gave me a number of a place. they never returned my calls. So, I went to the yellow pages and looked around. Nope, a lot of the businesses were in Toronto. alright, off to google! I founda place, but all they’d say was that they were a “computer service” since 1996. What exactly does that mean? they wouldn’t say where they were located or give a phone number. I had to provide my email address to get any info about them. Na, I don’t think so.

Ok then. I guess I’ll call computer stores. The big chains wouldn’t answer their phones, and one small store said they’d do it but I’d have to bring it to them, and didn’t know of any service that would pick up the left over computer bits.

Back to google I went, and found out that on certain holidays between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00, you could drive the computer parts to a drop-off spot for free. There was also a University of Guelph program where they’d take them, but again, you’d have to get the parts to the drop-off spot.

Finally, more googling led me to the City of Guelph’s website, and a number to call. She gave me a big file full of info, and in there was mentioned a place called Production works, a service run by community Living where their clients dismantle old computers and send the parts to a recycling company. And, bonus, they’ll even pick up the old parts!

I phoned them, and they said they wouldn’t be in my area in the next few days, but they’d probably be there in less than a month, so they said they’d give me a call.

Gees! Who knew recycling old computer parts would be so difficult? I’ll try and make it abit easier for other people in Guelph. If you call 519-767-0598 and ask them where else you can drop off old computer parts, they’ll email you a big list of options.

Ah! Now that I’ve found a way to take care of these computer parts, I feel much better. Now why was it so hard?

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