Another Holly Update

Last Updated on: 9th May 2016, 03:12 pm

A couple of weeks or so ago, I said I found out that Holly was going to have to get the tumour removed. I guess I should do a little update.

The good news is she made it through the surgery as well as one can make it through crazy major 13-hour brain surgery. The even better news is that she found a donor who said they would make up the difference between what she had received and donations and what was needed, so they put the ABI in! Yeah! I just about jumped through the roof when she said she would be able to get it.

Now, for the harder stuff. Recovery is going to be sloooow. Her poor husband has been keeping the blog up to date on how she’s doing as best he can, the poor fellow. Some of the posts are hard to understand because he’s entering them with speech-recognition software on a phone, and the speech-recognition software is having issues. Most of it I have been able to figure out though.

It’ll be another month before they can turn the ABI on, so for now, she’s deaf and blind. Deaf, blind, and needing a lot of help. I guess she needed help breathing for a while, but I think she’s breathing on her own now. I’m pretty sure she’s still in the ICU.

So…holy crap, she made it through that. I was doing a lot of holding my breath that day. Now I wish her luck with the rest of the uphill climb. And good luck to her husband too.

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