>That Name’s Gonna Spell Embarrassment

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 02:43 pm

>You know how you hear about some women hyphenating their names? Well, here are some examples of hyphenations that were really really bad ideas, and perhaps should have been thought through before they became legal. In case anyone has trouble with the slide show, here we go.

Traylor – Hooker
Hardy – Harr
Poore – Sapp
Looney – Warde
Crapp – Beer
Best – Lay
Busch – Rash
Wang – Holder
Filler – Quick
Dunnam – Favors
Gowen – Geter
Weener – Whipple
Butts – McCracken
Peters – Rising
Aikin – Johnson
Wacker – Dailey
Fillinger – Goode
MacDonald – Berger
Hazard – Dick

Yup, bad times. And here’s a little note to Marian Wang. Wang – Holder is as funny as Aikin – Johnson. It has nothing to do with race.

This brings me to a question I’ve had for years. Say a woman hyphenates her name when she marries. I get that when the kids have the dude’s name and that’s all. What happens when the kids hyphenate? What’s really weird is a guy with a hyphenated name. How does that happen? And what if a girl marries a guy with a hyphenated name and wants to hyphenate? It starts to look a little like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Anyway, I have yet to hear that those are fakes, so there are at least 19 women walking around with really awkward names.

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